Monday Meanderings

Today was our last day with Leelan. I didn’t take as many pictures or as much video as I’d planned on, but we did make a lot of memories during the week he was here.

The day started at 6:40 a.m. Which is about 1/3 of the way through my sleeping time on a typical day! But I was up and ready to go before 8:00, because Pete had a 9:15 oncology appointment about 75 minutes away. Leelan and I waited in the car for him for the hour he was inside, and then temperatures started to climb!

After leaving that doctor we went through the drive-through at Culver’s for sandwiches and onion rings (do you like Culver’s too?). We take beverages with us when we’re on the road, which means we don’t have to spend $2.00+ for drinks with our meals…still, it was nearly $30 <gulp>! And then we were on our way for another 75-minute drive to Pete’s next appointment at the VA.

He was inside for over 2 hours, so Leelan and I went to Biggby’s for a coffee (me) and a chocolate chip cookie drink (him), and then sat in the parking lot at the VA and watched the temperature climb up to 90F – yikes!

When Pete finally came out it was about 2:30 in the afternoon. We drove the half-hour to drop Leelan off at home, then another 45 minutes to get home. In all I drove 186 miles, and spent 7½ hours in the car (less 2 potty breaks).

Now this weekend I messed myself up by doing a ton of hard work on Saturday. It was just stuff that I’ve been looking at that needed to be done, and the frustration of not being able to do anything about it had reached the point where I didn’t care how much it hurt or how much damage I was doing – it is HARD to not do things that we see need to be done and not do them, you know?

Sunday I couldn’t move. I got back and forth to the bathroom (3′ from the bottom of the bed) by pulling myself along walls. Leelan and I spent the day playing cribbage, we played 7 games and had a blast. Between he and Pete they also kept me fed, and my pain pills made the day bearable.

And then today. Still high pain levels but better mobility…so I drove and waited much of the day! When we got home and took care of the pets I fell asleep…woke up a couple of hours later and ate a sandwich, then fell back to sleep and didn’t wake up again until Pete was coming to bed!

Tomorrow starts our normal life again :).

Also I want to mention that little Lyra – 7YO granddaughter – had surgery on one of her larger areas of thickened dark skin that had been developing deep cracks and had become quite painful. She’s worn an expander for the last couple of months (a balloon under an area of normal skin, into which Casey and Bill inject fluid through a port; as the balloon grows, her body creates more normal skin which the surgeon can then graft onto the area where he’d removed the problem skin.) Her little life has always involved many specialists and tests and appointments and yes, some surgeries. And she is such a trooper! She sent me a little video on Snapchat tonight and it was so good to see her and hear that sweet voice I love…she was excited because she and her mom could order whatever they wanted for dinner at the hospital, and she was getting a chocolate milkshake AND chocolate milk! Bless her precious heart…

Anyway, time for more sleep, I can’t stop yawning! And I’ll “see” you tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Monday Meanderings

  1. Leelan was great but he really overdosed me on Brandon Farris (?).YouTube videos. We did get a chance to do some magnet fishing. The magnet – a two sided 1,700 pound pull – got stuck to the side of a bridge. We had to use the CLAW (grappling hook) to connect to the magnet hardware and tied the rope from the CLAW to the trailer hitch ball on the Suburban. We got it unstuck. Leelan did get a few things before we left. I sure love that boy.

    1. He’s a great kid! I’m glad you guys got to magnet fish together especially! I told him NO Brandon Farris when he was with me LOL! But we did play lots of cribbage…9 games total I think!

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