Monday Maisieness – Nov. 21, 2022 Edition

These are some of the pictures I took of Maisie this month.

The first two was when I was eating something that she thought she should share. Trying to eat with those eyes on me…I kept laughing.

Then some pictures of Maisie in the yard – she LOVES being outside! – on some of the nice days we had earlier in the month.

A couple of pictures of Maisie and I…the 2nd one I didn’t want to share, it will likely be the only time I’ll share such a photo of myself, but apparently I’d fallen asleep while watching TV or using my phone because I still had my glasses on…but she’s always close to me even when I’m not aware of it!

And as long as we’re on the subject of sleeping…I take LOADS of photos of her when she’s sleeping, she’s so cute!

And finally one of Maisie and her big brother Chuy ?

Thanks for looking,
With love from Maisie]

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