Monday…Er…Whatever. Oct. 11, 2021 Edition

Without repeating everything I already wrote in my Chat Box update, today was not a great day. So I was trying to think of something about which to write that would whitewash it. But I can’t. I guess some days just aren’t good ones.

The things I’m thankful for: Pete and I being together. God on His throne. A good-driving safe car. No problems on the road. Great meals at the diner. A good report from Pete’s oncologist. Not in that order.

I’m used to pain but today has been my worst day ever, with high pain levels of both bone (which I’m used to) and soft tissue (a fairly new development). Movement was agony, though in the past even on my worst days movement was just, well, painful. At the same time Pete’s arthritis has been worse than usual as well. When we’re both having high pain levels it makes for a rough day. Hard to be positive. Hard to get anything done. Hard to see silver linings.

Living a life of praise is a good thing. Praising God is always appropriate, maybe even moreso when I’m so very miserable. Even when just saying the words without joy doesn’t feel right.

Today I was more ready than I think I’ve ever been for God to just take me home. If this continues to get worse I don’t know how I will manage it. We all need our days to whine I guess, and today is apparently mine.

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  1. What is wrong with this thing? I put in my name and my email and hit post then it is rejected because I didn’t make a comment. First it wouldn’t accept for an email address and now this. Hope they don’t ask for a website – I might have to make one up

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