Medical Mysteries Monday – Feb. 7, 2022

(This is one of my rare serious posts on a controversial subject, so if you’re not a fan of these I will understand if you quit reading here.)

It is no secret that there are a lot of questions and debates about the origin, treatment, and handling of the covid virus. There are also tons of memes but my favorites are those that ask the very questions that I have had, and highlight the inconsistencies about which I have wondered. Learning – and science – are all about seeking answers to these types of things, which typically will lead to more questions, or to results that can be replicated or confirmed by others. Either way, these are some of the questions and inconsistencies that got my attention, and led me to research my own answers…in meme form, of course. ?

8 thoughts on “Medical Mysteries Monday – Feb. 7, 2022

  1. Science reminds me of Myth Busters tv show. They either want to prove or disprove ‘myths’. All fine an dandy but God is not a myth, the Word of God ((Scripture, Bible. whatever you wish to call it) is not a myth. Jesus is not a myth. Jesus dying on the cross is not a myth. Jesus rising from the dead and leaving to be at the right hand of the Father is not a myth. The Holy Spirit is not a myth.

    So why does science try to disprove what is True (God, Heaven, Jesus, Scriptures, etc.) and do their best to prove that which is not true (we evolved from protozoa, or monkeys; that there was a big bang and that is how the planet came to be, etc.)

    God is not mocked and what scientists sow is what they will reap.

    When in Hell, will scientists try to disprove the heat and torment as climate change?
    There shall be ‘weeping and gnashing of teeth.’

    1. WELL! Pete and I just watched it. Best hour we’ve spent in a very long time! My thoughts are all over the place right now but my heart is centered on Jesus. All I can say is that I hope he is right and we see our Jesus return in our lifetime! Thank you so much for the link, glad I was able to watch! (Our rural cellular internet is slow and weak, we can’t always see videos but this one cam through clear and strong!) THANK YOU!!!

  2. Amen and amen! Come quickly Lord Jesus. ? So glad God allows you enough reception to be able to glean from His Word. He is good.

    1. Yes He is! The last time I uploaded videos we stopped at a library and I used their internet, I upload to 4 different places and though the file was only 150MB at home it would have taken all night; it took about 15 minutes at the library! So I think as I have the opportunity I will be going to “our” library with my laptop and working there on my more bandwidth-intensive blog stuff!

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