This page contains links, recipes, and other information I find and want to save/share about low carb, LCHF, keto, ketovore, carnivore, and similar eating plans. Many of these can also be found at KetoPlus. See also my What I Eat page, which contains MANY menu ideas and recipes from my daily food log that I’ve been posting for over a year at this point.


THE BEST 5-minute Chef “sandwich”!!!!!

Using my “wrap” recipe I mixed up some egg white, grated romano cheese (the same consistency as green can parmesan), and a spoonful of beef gelatin and poured it in the 5MC. It started cooking right away as I was spreading some shredded mozzarella over it, then some roasted/ground/leftover pork “salad” with mayo and seasonings, then more mozz, and topped it off with the “wrap” mixture. When the bottom was browned I flipped the unit for a few minutes on the other side. WOW…it was CRAZY GOOD and I would have made another one if I hadn’t already put my ingredients away. I’m ready for more but already 6 hours into my (daily) fast and don’t want to start over again! But WOW this was great!


This isn’t a “recipe” – it is just what I did, and could be a jumping-off point for your own ideas if you’d like!

(click on the ℹ️ for captions)


Based upon a blog post by Inspirational Momma I made these crispy snacks, which I ate with a little dollop of full-fat sour cream on each one. I didn’t make them exactly the same as the recipe, however; I added a sprinkle of beef gelatin to the eggs to make SURE they’d be crispy – and they were!

These are great even for carnivores (at least, those who eat dairy)! Quite good!


Delicious lunch – will probably be my supper also…

A can of chicken, drained + a thin slice of onion, finely chopped + a small cucumber, diced + 6 HB eggs, chopped + seasonings to taste + “healthy noodles” chopped + mayonnaise.

This made a FANTASTIC salad!

( are the noodles, and I find them to be the best of any other low carb noodle substitutes I have tried. Others disagree in the reviews – but I love ’em!)


Today’s 5-Minute Chef quickie lunch. 2 slices clean deli turkey, havarti (my favorite!), tomato fresh from my garden, havarti, and 2 more slices of turkey. Besides being so tasty, the havarti made a nice glue on both sides. I ate it with a mayo dip.


A recipe in pictures. There are a million variations on this theme. Here is today’s.

5-Minute Chef
Layer of Havarti
Press on pork panko
This was $1 at the Amish store; bought 5
Layer of proscuitto
Another layer of Havarti
Another layer of pork panko
Flip halfway through

This is very crispy and tasty! Quite rich and a bit salty, so does well dipped in a good vinegary mustard! And it only took about 6 minutes to put together. LOVE these things!


A recipe in pictures. This is how I prepped my last little pork roast and it worked out beautifully! When I prep it, I want it cooked through but no more, because I will be using parts of it for meals over the next few days, it will be reheated and used while cooking other things with it, so I don’t want it to be dried out in any way.

This is about a 2# roast, very small, seasoned with salt, and garlic & onion powders.
I went out to my garden and brought in a good selection of herbs, rinsing them and packing them on top of the roast.
In a glass baking dish I wrapped the pork in parchment paper because I don’t let aluminum foil touch food.
I covered the baking dish with foil and tried to seal around the edges.
I air-roasted it as shown above for 50 minutes total, turning the pan 180° and raising the temp to 325°F for the final 20 minutes.
The finished roast. VERY flavorful and juicy, and was a great part to several meals!


WOW, so happy with the outcome of these! This is the first GREAT result I’ve had from low carb tortillas! And they were SO EASY!

I really wanted to eat the last of my roasted duck in a wrap today, with mayonnaise and a little lettuce. I’ve never had a good outcome from a tortilla, though I can do a mean carnivore egg wrap. I tried this recipe just now and wow! They look, and taste, great!

I did deviate slightly from the recipe, in that I added 3 turns of pink salt into the dough, and from the method in that I combined the “gel” into the flour using a dutch dough whisk. Actually it worked so well I didn’t have to put my hands in until it was already mixed and no longer sticky!

(Some people use oat fiber flour rather than coconut flour but that seems like a LOT of fiber to me; I don’t mind the extra carbs, it is what the ingredients are that matters to me!)

I can’t wait to put together my wrap now!


A recipe in pictures. I have lots of cabbage leaves that will be wasted if I don’t eat them, so I’ve been using them for wraps, or slicing them into “noodles”

cooking onions in duck fat
added pork chunks to pan
sliced cabbage leaves on top
covered to simmer for a while
chopped tomato in butter
tossed when cabbage was softer
mashed cooked tomatoes
Topped with shredded parmesan


I LOVE duck! A few days I roasted one and am eating it over the course of a few days. (This is typical for how I eat!) This first meal was so filling and so good that I’m sure I’ll be eating it frequently while I have the summer produce to enjoy!

A leg quarter with back attached of the duck was accompanied by cheesy cauliflower (a head cut into chunks, roasted @ 350°F with olive oil, salt, onion & garlic powders) until starting to brown, then topped with chunks of butter and some Chihuahua brand cheese and returned to the oven for about 10 more minutes. Half the plate was zucchini sticks (I LOVE zucchini!) tossed in olive oil and Indigo Nili’s carnivore crunchy coating, which I cooked in the air fryer at 400°F a total of 25 minutes, tossing once. This coating is amazing in that it really gets crunchy and stays that way!

Fantastic meal!


This part of the duck is one of the breasts, reheated. (I used a cleaver to cut the roasted bird into 4 sections.) And today Pete picked up some baby cucumbers and some tomatoes so I sliced them up, tossed with salt and mayo, and it made a VERY excellent meal!


I have been looking for a good source of non-mRNA vaxxed meat locally. Though I buy my chickens and rabbits (and eggs) from BillHilly Homestead Solutions, who also provided the delicious pig for our pig roast this spring, I have kept my eyes open for a source that doesn’t shoot mRNA into their animals. Today on Gab, in the Rural Life group, someone posted about just such a place – and it is less than 2 hours from us! Will be a fun day trip, when the time comes, too! I just bought a couple of huge chickens and have some ducks and rabbits on order from Billhilly, but want to stock up with pork and beef when what I’ve got is gone (a couple of months, likely). Bird Farm Meats is in Howard City, MI – which is close enough to Greenville, where we love to stop in at the Daily Deals Food Outlet. We won’t find much in the way of organics or other really clean foods but they do have enough there that we eat to make the trip worthwhile. (WAY better than Save-a-Lot!) Anyway, just thought I’d mention it in case anyone besides me gets really excited about that sort of thing!


I call them Needles of Pine because I can never think of the real name…but they are Hearts of Palm and aren’t needle-like at all! I had always wondered how they might fry up and today I found out.

Using a bit over half a cup – ok, let’s call it two-thirds – of the canned kind from which I squeezed out the liquid, then spread it into some melted duck fat in a pan over medium heat. Stirring every 3 minutes I let it heat up until the edges started to brown, then I turned up the heat, gave them one last stir with a little egg white, and pressed them down. Sprinkling some Chihuahua cheese on top I let the needles get good and crispy.

And the bits around the edges without the cheese were like hashed browns! So next time (I still have 3/4 of the can left) I will see how they fry up with a few onions…

I originally had planned to make a side dish to have with a ribeye but this was so filling I will eat the ribeye later.

Why did I never try this before???


Or, more accurately, when *I* blow it! And yesterday I totally did! Getting together with family, they had pizza, breadsticks, and brownies. And I indulged in all 3!

Yes, a few times a year it happens, I throw caution to the wind and go a little – or a lot – crazy! And I have side-effects; because I eat ketovore to keep inflammation/pain under control – for body pain in joints AND soft tissues AND for my fragile CV system – the weight aspect doesn’t mean as much as the pain and suffering I cause myself. And before the day is done I am more than ready to straighten up and fly right!

So here is what I do to shorten the amount of time I have to pay for my crimes:
1 – I drink as much as I can. I’m personally not a water drinker (wish I was but blech!) so I drink things as close to water as I can. If I can see through it and it is sugar-free, it’s good enough!
2 – I drop 2 of my 3 rules for the first day or two, eating almost exclusively the “vore” part of ketovore and not worrying about the IF or OMaD parts of my usual plan.
3 – I don’t let myself get hungry; I will now want more carbs and the biggest part of fighting that is to not allow hunger to weaken my resolve! Enough protein and lots of satiating fat is just the ticket!
4 – I will eat this way for a second day and even a third, if I am still suffering from my indulgence. However long it takes, in fact.

When I finally feel ready to continue on with my normal eating I am usually craving my animal products and low-carb veggies. It is all I want to eat, and I have renewed enthusiasm! And I have successfully overcome the impact of my day of dirty deeds!


…or at least they sound easy!

This is quite possibly the easiest tortilla shell recipe yet, and it sounds like it would fit my way of cooking – I don’t measure stuff. I don’t know about the stuffings of it, but the shell itself I think I have to try!


The patties in the upper left were so simple yet so amazing… I put a large can of drained chicken in a bowl and smashed it with a fork until it was just fine shreds. Added 2 eggs*, some green-can parm, and some pork panko. After mixing well I plopped it into 5 piles on a parchment-lined baking sheet, flattened the with the fork, and put it in my convection oven (bottom rack).

In the lower right of the photo are my latest great Costco find: Zucchini Nests! 16 to a bag, frozen into these little piles. I put them on an oiled (hoping for crisping) parchment-lined baking sheet, sprayed them with avacado oil, seasoned with onion and garlic powders and Happy Salt (my favorite seasoning, get it from the Amish), and green-can-parm. And put the baking sheet in my convection oven (top rack).

Setting the convection setting to “on”, the temp to 425°F, and the timer to 30 minutes.

* While we wait, I’ll explain about the eggs: one would have been more than enough. But there were 2 in the carton. And I couldn’t leave one.

After the 30 minutes I flipped the chicken patties and added a little shredded (real, not grated green-can) parm to the tops. I turned the top pan 180° . And I reset the temp for 450°F and the timer for 15 minutes.

This was my supper, as a result. Plus one more thing:

I mixed up some greek yogurt and some low carb grain-free baking mix I had in the cupboard. Plopped it in my 5-minute Chef, flipping it once during the cooking time. When it was done I buttered them to have a biscuit as well. I saved half for tomorrow.

Definitely going to buy those zucchini nests again, I have a couple of GREAT ideas to do with them!


I’ll bet you guys thought I forgot about this group, eh? Well I didn’t but it has been a really busy week! Tonight I want to share that I had the last of the pork butt I had slow-roasted in the wee hours of last Sunday…which I ate with cauli-rice, which I want to talk about a little bit.

First, lots of people either don’t like the thought of cauliflower rice, or have tried it and not liked it. And I used to be in the second group until I saw how The Keto Twins (they’re on YT) do it. They DRY it! I buy the big bags of frozen from Costco. Putting them in a dry pan, no seasoning or anything else, and stirring it around over medium heat until there isn’t even a hint of water in the bottom removes all of the cauliflower flavor, just leaving the texture of rice which then absorbs whatever you cook it with!

Tonight I did it a little differently, by dumping the frozen “rice” into a baking dish with a touch of olive oil, and roasting it at 375°F for about an hour, stirring halfway and seasoning it with my favorite seasoning, Happy Salt from the Amish store, and a hunk o’ butter! I think it was even better done in the oven than in a pan.

Second, my supper was the last of the pork roast, reheated, with the caulirice on top, sprinkled with parmesan cheese out of the green can. And it was SO GOOD! This is the first time that the cauliflower rice actually tasted like rice, not just felt like it.

So that’s what I wanted to share tonight, if you haven’t tried drying it out yet, you might want to give cauliflower rice another try!


I’m rather picky about the low carb breads. Most of them are more cake-like in texture, or use vital wheat gluten and other grains (which I avoid). The other day I made a lovely little 90-second-type bread and it made excellent toast! I rarely eat bread, almost always toast, so that’s more important to me. This had almond flour in it, not a ton, but enough that my body told me “what are you trying to do to me?!?” So today I did the same thing, subbing whey protein powder. It was even better – and no attitude from my body!

2 medium eggs, beaten
1/2 tsp baking powder
2 Tbsp full-fat sour cream
3 Tbsp unflavored whey protein powder
1/8 tsp EACH salt & sweetener
1 Tbsp psyllium husk
1 Tbsp yeast (for flavor)

Made it just like any other 90-second bread. Got 4 slices out of it. Grilled it in butter. Quite tasty!


I wanted some garlic bread with my meal today but not much ability to work in the kitchen at a lengthy recipe. So in a bowl I mixed about a cup of mozzarella, about 1/3c of fine almond flour a tsp of baking powder, a tsp of xanthan gum, 2 Tbsp of yeast (for flavor), a Tbsp of psyllium husk, some salt, and enough egg white (from the carton) to make it into a dough. After letting it sit for 10 minutes or so to let the psyllium husk absorb I patted it down into an inch-high rectangle on a parchment-lined baking sheet, sprinkled a little garlic powder and salt on top, and baked it 25 minutes @ 350°F, turned it and baked for 10 more minutes. It was very good! I ate about ¼ of the batch.


I’ve been doing some reading about resistant starches. In the past most of the discussion seemed to be among people who were hoping for a plan so they could “get away with” eating things like potatoes and other carby foods. Though I’ve been unable to find out the exact carb counts – or even the percentage of starches that change – among foods that have been make resistant, if I were doing this for weight loss I’m not sure I would try it? But now that I am eating to help resolve some health issues, among them gut problems, I think I will pay more attention.

I will provide a reading list of the articles and posts I have found most helpful. But first, I just want to talk about experiment #1. I realize there is no way to measure the success or failure of these experiments, other than the vague “feeling better” goal post. And that could be attributed to nearly anything that I’m doing to achieve that! So basically I am forging ahead blindly in search of something that might help me. Hardly scientific. However, whereas I used to purchase and use resistant starches in my cooking, I’m looking now at doing it as part of my cooking and eating habits. Maybe.

Anyway, I thought I would start with oats. I’m a big lover of oatmeal, and usually make it by mixing equal parts rolled oats, coarse oat bran, golden flax meal, and unsweetened dessicated coconut. I pour boiling water over them, cover, and sit until everything is soft. Then I melt some butter, add some sweetener and cinnamon, and top off with some half’n’half because cream is too expensive anymore. It is delicious and definitely comparable to the real thing as I remember it. But this time I just used the oats and bran, then soaked them in yogurt in the fridge overnight. This morning I took out a couple of spoonfuls and heated it up before adding my butter, sweetener, cinnamon, and half’n’half. It tasted fine (though I missed the coconut) and now I’m waiting to see if anything bad happens, or if something good results.

Because I already have an oatmeal substitute that works fine for me, I’m not sure how often I will do this. But there are plenty of other foods I can try in the future – maybe once a week or so? – if all goes well with the oatmeal. Watch this space.

What to Know About Resistant Starches
The Benefits of Resistant Starch
Health Benefits of Resistant Starch
Resistant starch: metabolic effects and potential health benefits

Made some experimental bread this morning. Didn’t want to separate a dozen eggs, don’t have a stand mixer to do the stiff peaks thing like the recipes already out there. Do like the 90-minute microwave breads. Decided to try a combination of the two. It. Is. Excellent. (BTW, I rarely eat bread that isn’t toasted/fried in butter on both sides!)

Whipped up a half carton/half pint of egg whites until fluffy.
Added 2Tbsp full fat sour cream and 1Tbsp softened butter.
Whipped them in with the egg whites which, of course, lost some bubbles due to the fat but still quite fluffy.
In another bowl I mixed about ½c very fine almond flour…1tsp. baking powder…2Tbsp whole psyllium husk…½tsp xanthan gum…½tsp salt…¼tsp sweetener.
Stirred the dry ingredients with the egg white mixture and let sit for a few minutes for the psyllium to absorb liquid. Batter was thick but still pourable with a few nudges from the rubber scraper.
Poured into a buttered (Pyrex) loaf pan and baked 35 minutes @ 350°F.
Let it cool COMPLETELY, then loosened the edges with a knife and lifted it easily out the pan with a pancake turner – no stickage!

I sliced it in half across the middle and then horizontally, making 4 slices (as planned). I nibbled on some edge bits and it was better than I expected. “Toasted” (fried) 2 slices and had them with a schmear of no-sugar, peanuts-only peanut butter.

NOTES: Needed more salt. Slightly heavy – I like heavier breads so that’s good! – but only slightly. Might add some yeast next time for the smell as it bakes. I wouldn’t change anything else, it was lovely, not cake-like in the least as many egg-based keto breads are, and made wonderful crispy toast.

Snickerdoodle Pudding recipe uses HB eggs and has modifications for non-protein-sparing. It looks easy to modify for other flavors, or to add nuts or berries or whatever, though I haven’t tried – yet.

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