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Made some experimental bread this morning. Didn’t want to separate a dozen eggs, don’t have a stand mixer to do the stiff peaks thing like the recipes already out there. Do like the 90-minute microwave breads. Decided to try a combination of the two. It. Is. Excellent. (BTW, I rarely eat bread that isn’t toasted/fried in butter on both sides!)

Whipped up a half carton/half pint of egg whites until fluffy.
Added 2Tbsp full fat sour cream and 1Tbsp softened butter.
Whipped them in with the egg whites which, of course, lost some bubbles due to the fat but still quite fluffy.
In another bowl I mixed about ½c very fine almond flour…1tsp. baking powder…2Tbsp whole psyllium husk…½tsp xanthan gum…½tsp salt…¼tsp sweetener.
Stirred the dry ingredients with the egg white mixture and let sit for a few minutes for the psyllium to absorb liquid. Batter was thick but still pourable with a few nudges from the rubber scraper.
Poured into a buttered (Pyrex) loaf pan and baked 35 minutes @ 350°F.
Let it cool COMPLETELY, then loosened the edges with a knife and lifted it easily out the pan with a pancake turner – no stickage!

I sliced it in half across the middle and then horizontally, making 4 slices (as planned). I nibbled on some edge bits and it was better than I expected. “Toasted” (fried) 2 slices and had them with a schmear of no-sugar, peanuts-only peanut butter.

NOTES: Needed more salt. Slightly heavy – I like heavier breads so that’s good! – but only slightly. Might add some yeast next time for the smell as it bakes. I wouldn’t change anything else, it was lovely, not cake-like in the least as many egg-based keto breads are, and made wonderful crispy toast.

Snickerdoodle Pudding recipe uses HB eggs and has modifications for non-protein-sparing. It looks easy to modify for other flavors, or to add nuts or berries or whatever, though I haven’t tried – yet.

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