My tablet arrived on Wednesday, several days earlier than expected! I didn’t do an unboxing video – there are a million and a half of those on YouTube at the moment – but did take a few pictures to show you guys šŸ˜ƒ

My, what a huge box it came in! But very well-padded with several layers of the big-bubble bubble wrap, plus lots of shopping bags stuffed all around the inner box. That thing wasn’t budging! Thank you, Shoeboy0807!

I had to take a photo of the tablet’s box, so beautiful! And very thick and strong as well…in fact it was hard to pry the top from the bottom but as hard as I pried – with scissors – the box didn’t even tear.

The back – very nice textured aluminum, which would have showed up better had I removed the protective plastic before taking the picture – d’oh!

This is the screen…it only takes 31 seconds to boot up fully, but I don’t have expanded memory and may not need it given the tablet’s intended use. I use a launcher that only shows a blank screen – or my wallpaper – rather than icons, from the fdroid app. (I avoid google – including google play – wherever possible.)

So after using it for a few days, here are my impressions:
The “brilliant 1280 x 800 full HD display” screen with “IPS (in-plane switching)” is MUCH easier to read than the MAX10 I had before. I can cram a half-dozen or more staves on a screen and still be able to read every detail clearly; the MAX10 allowed for 3, maybe 4 before it started to lose clarity.
It starts up VERY quickly – 31 seconds with all of my apps already loaded. What may help is that I’m not using an SD card. Whereas my MAX10 became a multi-use tablet over time and thus required lots of apps and space, I fully intend to not do the same thing with this one; the 32GB it came with should be enough.
The sound is plenty loud when I play my accompaniments, and I can easily hear them over whichever ukulele I’m playing. It has 2 speakers, but you couldn’t mistake the sound for a high-quality stereo. It sounds like 2 little speakers in a tablet, which is what it is, and that’s fine for my purposes until I get famous and take my show on the road šŸ¤£. (If I want better sound I will use a headphone or external speakers.)

Overall I’m very pleased with it. It’s not only great for reading music scores (and whatever else I get on Scribd) but also for doing the jigsaw puzzles I use to untangle the knots I get in my brain. I like it MUCH better than the more expensive tablets I’ve had in the past, I’m using the UTMOST care in plugging and unplugging the power cable (which is what failed on my MAX10), and hope that this one lasts longer than a year.


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