May 19, 2022 – Casey’s Birthday Dinner

It is a tradition in our family to go to a restaurant of the birthday person’s choosing for a celebratory supper. Though Casey’s birthday isn’t until Monday, her favorite dish at the Sanford Bar & Grill is their Thursday special, so that’s where we went. First is a video showing the atmosphere of the restaurant, then a few photos I took. I didn’t take a ton of pictures, we were too busy talking and having a good time. Enjoy!


(The Sanford Strong sign is one of many that are everywhere in this small town, which was almost completely underwater after multiple dam failures drained several large lakes along the Tittabawassee River in 2020. Often referred to as the “Midland” dam failures, though the dams weren’t in Midland, it was these small towns, like Sanford, which were perhaps the most heartbreaking.)


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