Maisie’s Vet Visit – June 21, 2022

(You can see what’s been going on with my service dog Maisie up to this point HERE.)

I was so happy to get her to her regular vet today! But was shocked that she’s gained 10# over the winter – YIKES!!! Going to be attacking that problem!

This is the sheet where the vet notes her exam impressions, before there are any test results.

After the exam they took Maisie back for chest x-rays. I wish I would have taken a picture of the film. But it showed her heart and other organs all looking good, except her lungs. Though the vet heard good air movement on exam, they were pretty cloudy (consistent with bronchitis). So she’s on an antibiotic and a steroid to get that cleared up.

Both dogs go in for their yearly exam/vacc/tests in a few weeks so I asked if they’d please repeat her chest x-rays at that time to make sure everything is cleared up and they said that would be fine.

When we got home Maisie was happy to pee on her own lawn before coming in for a Frosty Paws. She isn’t coughing much, but yesterday she had done so well that I’d felt she’d turned the corner; then this morning she was pretty normal acting, but I still wanted her to be checked out so we kept the appointment of course.

$327.60 well spent! I am very pleased, and will be even moreso once her repeat rads show clear lungs, and the scale shows a small number, in a few weeks!

7 thoughts on “Maisie’s Vet Visit – June 21, 2022

  1. Yay!!!! She’s ok!! God is so good!! Love the update today- she wanted to give you the pillow. To God be the glory for this wonderful answer to prayer.

    1. Kennel cough is bronchitis :). The “real” name for kennel cough is canine infectious tracheobronchitis. I’m so thrilled to have my gurl back, thanks Cathy❣️

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