Maisie & I Are Having a WEEK!

I’ve been taking Maisie out with us a lot lately. She needs more practice being out and about in public with all the distractions mainly, and – as usual – she’s been BRILLIANT! As at home, she picks up on what I’m asking of her very quickly, and happily complies. So I have been gaining confidence in her and, more importantly, she has been gaining confidence in herself! These are things that she hasn’t done for several years (though she’d been trained to work among people, kids, dogs, wildlife, and other distractions for the first year)…and things came back to her as if it was yesterday. SO PROUD OF HER!

So yesterday it was with complete confidence that I took her into the oncology clinic to use the ladies room, which is JUST inside the door, while Pete was getting his infusion. It is an uphill walk to the door, so I gave her the “pull” command and, just like she used to, she helped me up that incline without blinking. We got up there, went into the ladies room, did our thing, and were on our way out the door to go back to the car to our left. We didn’t even notice another car had pulled up behind a large, thick pillar to the right, let alone that someone had gotten out, let alone that he had a large weimeraner on a leash…so we were both taken by surprise when, within an instant, that dog had gotten loose from the elderly man’s grip (almost pulling him down in the process!) and was coming at us. Maisie moved from my left to get between me and the other dog and it hit her like a hungry lion. Immediately she was up on her hind legs and so was he; the fur was flying, the growling and snapping and yapping sounds were so loud, and they were going at it so fast and furious that they were a blur!

My walker had flown somewhere, and I was standing there, stunned during the 30 seconds or so that this lasted. A woman who had been sitting on a nearby bench jumped up, and grabbed the other dog’s leash just as I yelled, “MAISIE COME!” Of course came to me at the same time the woman pulled this huge – way bigger than Maisie – dog back toward his owner. She made sure the man was ok, then retrieved my walker for me. Maisie, meanwhile, though panting, came around and sat by my left side again, almost as though it was all in a day’s work!

At this point, a woman got out of the other side of the car, and yelled toward me something about controlling my dog. Of course she hadn’t seen how it all started, or what happened, until it was over…it lasted less than a minute but she assumed that the man’s “support dog” (or so the vest said) was a victim of my dog’s aggression. As she was standing there glaring at me, I sat down on the bench next to me. Maisie sat down too. Their dog was calmer but his hair was still up on his back and he was staring Maisie down. She had mentally moved on and was just looking around at the scenery. Nobody said anything. Finally I asked the woman if they were going inside, and she said they weren’t going to walk past my dog. I told her, “you can go in, you’re fine, my dog is trained” with a smile but got the point across. She stayed between Maisie & I, and the man and their dog, as they went in through the door.

As I said, the whole thing lasted less than a minute. It was a beautiful day outside, so Maisie and I stayed on our bench, while the other woman – the one who had helped without hesitation – sat on the bench across from us. We rehashed what had just happened. Several people went in and out, Maisie glanced up and then ignored them as would be expected…turns out the other woman had a 140# German Shepherd at home, and just responded instinctively and calmly. God had the right person right there at the right time. We chatted for half an hour, nearly until Pete was done.

When we got back to the car, Maisie was a bit on edge, hypervigilant and a little nervous until Pete got back. That would be expected I guess. But I was SO PROUD of her. She took care of us and then, when the situation was under control, went right back to performing her job. I’ve never seen Maisie in a fight before (thank God!) and have occasionally wondered if she could hold her own. Now I know that she can. I also know that my fear of taking her in public places, with a half-dozen outings and refresher practice, is no longer necessary.

People who buy an online vest and slap it on an untrained dog, expecting the dog to suddenly become something it is not, can do damage not only to the people and animals around them, but to themselves. And to the reputation of assistance animals everywhere. JUST DON’T!

9 thoughts on “Maisie & I Are Having a WEEK!

  1. I’m so glad Maisie (evidently) wasn’t hurt after the fight. God put that (gracious) woman in just the right place at just the right time. That was no ‘coincidence’. Praise His holy name.

    1. She has a big thick ruff of fur around her neck and also a ton of extra skin – but even better, her reaction time was spot-on! He tried to land on top of her but she was on her hind legs a split second before he got her. God was with us for sure, and He definitely made His presence known!

  2. Maisie is a wonderful dog. I am glad I was inside. I might have over reacted and shot the other dog…and gone to jail and traumatized several people.

    Not the first time though she went to Sherry’s aid. Midland campground.

    I am proud of Sherry’s God given K9

    1. I’m glad you were inside too, if that would have been the outcome…though it was so fast, they were a blur, you couldn’t have gotten off a clear shot. She is definitely amazing!

  3. Wow!!!! Just wow!! πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒShe is certainly AMAZING!!!! And, she is safe. She wasn’t harmed at all. Isn’t God good??????
    God has certainly blessed you with Maisie. Not only did she do her job well, but she also demonstrates the way we should all be after altercations- she shook it off and went back to work. She really is your angel.
    (Anyone can buy a vest for a dog just because they want to take their dogs in public. That man and his dog are a danger to citizens everywhere they go. )

    1. Yes He is!!! She stuns me constantly with her understanding of situations and the actions she chooses to take! Smarter than me!

      (I could go on a MAJOR rant about all of those fake “assistance animals” out there…a MAJOR rant!)

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