Lyra’s Turn

A couple of weeks ago our 11YO grandson Leelan came for a visit. Today we picked up his 6YO sister Lyra for her turn to spend some time with us.

We’re excited that a new Costco is going up not too far from Casey’s. It will be a lot closer than “our” current Costco, which is over 100 miles away. This will be great!

There were tents set up around town for people to apply for jobs, or sign up for memberships, or both…not quite sure…

On our way to Taco Bell, Lyra’s favorite place for lunch, with an excited little girl!

Once we got home, we set ourselves up outside, where Lyra wanted to do some coloring – but first a drink. It was in the upper 80’s today but not humid, and we had a breeze, so it was fine.

After she was done coloring we did our nails.

Then we came in and had supper: fish sticks, chicken nuggets, and zucchini “fries”.

Then we came into the bedroom to watch TV and within minutes, she was out.

Pete is sleeping in the travel trailer so that Lyra and I can sleep in our bed.

We have a big day planned for tomorrow too – watch this space!

7 thoughts on “Lyra’s Turn

  1. Not to sound cliche, but she is getting so big, not a ‘little girl’ anymore. :'(

    Enjoy your time together!! (Duh!)


    1. Big plans today too! She’s over in Junior with Umpa, having breakfast, while I have my coffee and get dressed. Of all the things we’ll be doing, she’s the most excited about getting groceries HAHAHA! She’s a funny kid ?

  2. Hey! What happened? There’s a BIG ‘gap’ in Lyra’s mouth…on the top. Oh I know…she was eating corn on the cob, and her teeth fell out.
    Sounds like fun with THIS one too. Pete gets to sleep in ‘Junior’ with Leelan, and YOU get to sleep at ‘home’ with Lyra! That works! She’s definitely a beautiful little girl!

    1. HAHA, yup, she’s losing teeth like crazy! She and I had a great time together, and she also spent some time in Junior with Umpa too. It was great :).

  3. I can see she enjoyed her time with Ugma and Umpa alot…..I remember those special times with my grandmother meant the world to me…..God Bless you both….:-)…Debbie

    1. I also had great times with my grandmothers…they both had an effect on how I turned out too, they were great influences in my young and troubled life :). xoxo

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