Love Savin’ Me Some $$$!

I wish I’d thought of this sooner! But I buy the soft training treats for Maisie’s outdoor work, it holds her attention better and is a more rewarding reward. For most things we get the Charlie Bear treats, they both love them. They also like Alpo’s Variety Snaps…but anyway…

The soft training treats are very expensive, even on sale, even the cheap-o brands are pricey at 75¢ +/- per ounce. So I use them as sparingly as possible.

Then yesterday I had a thought: If they make soft food for cats, maybe they make soft foods for dogs? Today when Pete went into town he checked at Dollar General and SURE ENOUGH, Purina makes some called Moist & Meaty! They are the same size and consistency of the expensive ones, and only cost about 8½¢ per ounce! He brought home a 36 oz. box for just $3.00!

Oh course the dogs love them as much as the expensive ones…what a great bargain! ?

6 thoughts on “Love Savin’ Me Some $$$!

  1. Way to go Pete…..I love a great bargain too….I agree dog treats are expensive…. nice you found an alternative….:-)…Debbie

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