Let’s Talk About Peter

It was a few days ago that I saw a verse from 1Peter and looked it up for context. As I started reading I realized I hadn’t read – let alone studied – that book in a long time. With that realization came that inner urging (He is our Shepherd, we know His voice) that I had to read it from the beginning. So I tried. I really did. Apparently Peter was the master of run-on sentences and my mind got wrapped around grammar issues when it couldn’t seem to wrap around the message he was giving us from God.

Since that day everywhere I go (online) someone is quoting 1Peter! God is really pushing this book to a lot of people obviously, so I knew I had to get into it one way or another, it has something important that God wants His children to know.

RightNow Media is a network that is offered through subscriber churches to its members, and I have used some of the resources on there in other studies I’ve done recently (Colossians, 1Thess.) so I turned to that once again, hoping for an overview so I’d have an idea what Peter is trying to say…something like an interpreter even.

WOW! I can certainly see why God is drawing us to this book!! Given what’s going on in the world, it is every bit as timely today as it was when Peter wrote it. (Funny how that works with Scripture, isn’t it?) While watching this series of messages one particular segment really stands out to me, so I want to talk about it here:
“Therefore, rid yourselves of all malice and all deceit, hypocrisy, envy, and slander of every kind.(1Peter 2:1)
Part of living holy lives is getting rid of some things.
What’s in your junk drawer of sin that you need to get rid of to live out your identity as a follower of Jesus in this world?
This is repentance language.

The reason I shared this is because (a) the Lord directed me to, and (b) when he said “slander of every kind” something became very clear: saying nasty things about anyone falls into that category. How often have I slandered – especially in political discussions – people? Oh, not people I know, but those who are in the news for their actions…yeah. That’s part of what God wanted me to hear. But the rest is soaking in also.

If you haven’t read 1Peter lately, maybe see if you can relate, and at the same time get some comfort from the words therein, which are there to help us to be holy, as He is holy. Besides, I hear this book is all the rage!

3 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Peter

  1. Sherry, how ironic I have thought the same thing my Mom and I will talk almost every evening and we talk of course about politics and about family….and I am guilty God forgive me and the Holy Spirit help convict me of talking about people in our family….and of political people…..I try and stop myself and when it is brought up I now try and say well if this is true God knows and may God have mercy on them and I try and pray that they have time to repent….I am a work in progress can’t say I do that all the time but what I can say is that the Holy Spirit convicts me every time I don’t….it is hard living in this fallen world I tell Jesus frequently but I am reminded by the many pastors I listen to that God has given us all that we need to survive it and flourish…..the enemy has come to kill, steal and destroy, but I HAVE COME THAT YOU MAY HAVE LIFE AND LIFE ABUNDANTLY. Holy Spirit help me to see that and practice it by how I act, and talk, and conduct myself…..once we have been born again we have to live for Christ and remember that the Holy Spirit resides inside of us…..This was an excellent reminded to me…..love you Sherry and Pete…..:-)….Debbie

    1. Amen to everything you just wrote! It doesn’t matter how hard it is to put into practice…we get the grace and need to do it anyway. Otherwise how are we different from the world? The Holy Spirit in us makes all the difference. Love you too dear Debbie!

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