Laid-back Kinda Monday

Today was one of the last 2 warm days of the season, at 75F and sunny with a light breeze, it was perfect. So I put everything else aside and chose to spend the day out on the patio with Maisie and of course Pete. I did some fall cleanup out there, with Maisie’s help – she is amazing at picking up and/or bringing me anything I point her to. We of course had our visitors and I took a few photos. Maisie has also calmed to the point that she will sit, lay down, or stay on command even when there are deer or turkeys (or other critters) nearby – I never thought I’d see the day! But now that she’s approaching 4 years old I guess it’s about time. So here are a few pictures of the day.

These are the 3 remaining toms. We had 7 that came together a couple of times every day, but there have been lots of gunshots in the area so I suppose people are getting their Thanksgiving meal in order.

This is another group I think of as a family group. We have had about 3 dozen turkeys overall, and they consist of several of these groups. They arrived soon after the toms left.

“Under” (the table), “down” “stay” is what Maisie is doing, and just watching the turkeys have their lunch, totally relaxed. Seriously, I never thought I’d see the day, given her first couple of years with me!

Just 2 deer came out at first. The one that’s watching me is a young doe, the other is a buck with little nubs. They both look young. This is the closest that they’ve ever come when I’ve been outside, they come in closer when only Pete is out there but he is the one who tosses out the food for the turkeys and birds (the deer are the clean up crew) so they “know” him.

Maisie was more alert when the deer were nearby, but still stayed in place. She was much more interested in the deer than the turkeys though.

Now they’re cleaning up around the feeding station. These were joined by several others after Maisie and I came into the motorhome.

Miscellaneous picture. This is my right leg, which I call my hockey stick leg, and is the cause of some – maybe 20% – of my mobility issues. Just thought I’d share, since I had the camera up and all…

Lastly, WHAT IS THIS SQUASH? I bought it for $.50 because I was curious. Online searches haven’t helped me ID it, though I’ll be cooking it tomorrow. I’m looking forward to cutting it open and seeing what’s what, then I’ll decide how to cook it. Then we’ll taste it, which will be interesting. But still won’t tell me what kind of squash it is; it’s nearly a foot long.

Do you know?


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