June 29, 2020 ~ A Sunny Kind of Day

Since my vlog subscribers are used to hearing from me a few times each week (which I will no longer be doing), I’ll be sharing things about my more interesting days here, with pictures.

I got to spend my whole day with Pete, which is my favorite kind of day! We were up early – well, early for me – to run a couple of local errands before driving the 60ish miles to his oncologist’s office for one of his regular checkups. All went well there, his blood work is still in a good range with no indication of further metastases or growth PRAISE GOD!! We give God ALL the glory for this!

(For those who don’t know us yet, when Pete was diagnosed in March of 2017 the first thing we did was give it ALL – every cell in Pete’s body, our fears, our tears, our future – to the Lord. Though both of us have lived in, through, and for Him for many years and Pete’s life was already in God’s hands, we affirmed our trust in Him throughout this. As the song says, the battle truly is the Lord’s!)

Then we went to lunch at one of our favorite restaurants, where I had a magnificent chef salad and a cup o’ tea, followed by a quick trip to Aldi since we were near one. This wasn’t a typical trip, we only spent about $50 this time, but it’s a great place for Pete to get his organics and a cheap place for me to get some of my low carb stuff, so we always stop when we’re in range. We got home mid-afternoon after taking a few detours to see the areas where lakes were lost after 4 dams broke in May, causing devastating floods downriver as these lakes emptied… It was good to be home, and the dogs and birds agreed!

Hey, who knew that chipmunks could chew right through heavy plastic??? I guess Pete will have to find another place to store the bird seed…???

And here are my photos from today (Isn’t it cute how Chuy sits on the cabinet?):

And that’s all our fun stuff for today…have a lovely last day of June, and until next time, take care, and God bless!

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