I Knew It Was Coming…

…and now it’s here.

When I started my cell phone yesterday I had a notice and a question – WHY didn’t I screen-shoot it?!? – that I now had the option to get notices if I had been near anybody with covid. I noticed right off the bat that it wasn’t asking for permission to track my whereabouts, oh no…it was asking if I wanted to be notified when I was “exposed”.

Since we’re not yet in a position to replace our phones with those that won’t track us, we will now be leaving our phones at home. I have taken an old phone and reset it, disabled or removed absolutely everything we don’t need, removed the SIM card, added no personal accounts, and will use it strictly with wifi. We will take that with us when we’re out and about. I have a browser on it, and when we have wifi access we can check for messages using the browser – no apps. (IF we ever get stuck somewhere or have an emergency I guess we’ll do what we used to do before cell phones…wait for someone – hopefully a LEO – to stop and help.)

For now, it’s the best we can do. And I’m only writing about it here to let you – those of you with whom we communicate by phone or text – know not to expect instant replies such as you are used to from us. If we’re not at home we will reply when we get to an internet hotspot. We also have a cellular hotspot that is our normal internet access at home that we could take with us; however, I want to find out first if that will also be tracked.

Meanwhile we’ll be researching options. We understand that the world is changing. And we know that things are transpiring that aren’t Constitutional; we’re going to continue living with the guarantees we’ve always had in our Republic as we go forward, inasmuch as we can, until it becomes impossible.

Things like privacy that people our age have always been able to count on, and take for granted, is something that we’re not willing to give up if there are other options. If your opinion differs, that’s fine – this post is just to let you know that things will be different – unless we’re at home of course – and not to debate our choices.

Thanks for reading!

6 thoughts on “I Knew It Was Coming…

  1. I understand your fear of the pervasive invasion of our privacy. I hate it, but do not know what to do to protect ourselves. Leaving the cell phone home is one method . . . but what do we do if we NEED to make a phone call, or someone NEEDS to get hold of us?

    The there is the GPS in our car which is easily trackable. We also micochipped our dog and registered him with the AKC in case he runs off. So where the dog is, there we are. Then there is the facial recognition issues with the ubiquitous cameras all over the place. So, do you see the dilemma?

    1. I do see the dilemma, and you are right. We do what we can, preventing it where possible, and putting the rest in God’s hands. We live in the midst of an Amish community and I have often thought “if only I’d have been born Amish…” ?

  2. Interesting take on what you guys have chosen to do, thankyou for sharing.

    It’s helpful to hear that I’m not the only one concerned by the entire population being treated like offenders and tracked.

    1. I guess the only way to have privacy would be to get rid of all of our electronics. If we had a pay phone available that might be a possibility LOL! People definitely have differing levels of concern and I’m surprised at how many have no interest; then again, I don’t know that being worried about it is a good Christian trait to have. Thanks for your thoughts, Alison ?.

  3. My ham radios are not trackable. I can set them up any where and move often to keep from being found and I can call someone on the radio if I need Police, Fire or Ambulance services.

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