Hump Day Happenings, Autumn Colors

We were up early today, well before dawn, as we had told Casey we could stay with the kids today and entertain them while she worked. We got on the road plenty early to have time to stop at a coffee shop on the way. But when the heater didn’t warm up our toes I checked the engine temperature gage, and it was 3/4 of the way to the top! That’s too high, for one thing, but usually our heat is hot by the time it’s just up a few of the little lines, which wasn’t happening either. So I turned back toward town rather that take a risk of blowing the engine or something (I did that once, not something I want to do again!) and Pete dropped me off at home, then drove in the rest of the way.

His guy thinks it may be the thermostat but can’t work on the car until Monday so Pete picked up supplies on the way back.

Later he went out and fiddled around with stuff under the hood, mainly the cooling system, and after that it was running normally. However, we decided that we’ll only go to the closest town if we need anything until after it’s been to the shop…just in case…

We’d had plans today for after spending part of the day at Casey’s, and she had made other arrangements with the kids, so we went out to do a couple of those things that we could do nearby, and I was able to get some more fall color photos. Here is a slideshow:

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On the way back home we passed an Amish country store, and went in to have a look around. Pete was able to find a small ax that he can wear on his belt – he’s wanted one for a very long time! So that was a great find. Then we picked up some Chinese takeout on the way home.

After we ate I spent some time going through my Facebook files that I had downloaded last week. I’ll have to do some sorting of those, I really don’t need to keep everything. But that’s time-consuming. I also need to get rid of all of the memes and cartoons I’d collected to share here…over 500 of them, many I’ve shared but never deleted afterward. I might just delete all of them older than a certain date, otherwise it would be too big of an undertaking…we’ll see though…

(It is after 11:00 at night and I hear a cow bellowing somewhere…I hope it’s ok, that’s unusual, we usually just hear the owls.)

We won’t be doing much in the next few days because of the car and because my pain levels are extremely high for some reason. Hoping that tomorrow I can get out to the utility tent and do some laundry – will depend on the weather, and my ability to do it or not. But it was such a beautiful sunny day, I’m glad we were able to get out and about, even though we were both so disappointed at not getting to spend the day with Casey and the grands!

Looking forward to what tomorrow holds, and know that whether I’m up or down I’ll have plenty to accomplish! And of course I always have to look forward to – COFFEE! ?☕?

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