Thursday Thoughts – Dec. 29, 2022 Edition: Happy Birthday, Pete!

He was a different man when I met him back in 1998. We met online. Both married before. Both devastated. Both ex-spouses were now with others. Both angry, and backslidden. Both of us determined to never fall in love, or get married, again.

Casey & I and my grandmother were living happily together in the Flint area. Pete was living in Saginaw in a very unhappy situation. He and I had become friends and when his living situation became intolerable I offered him a roof and 3 squares in exchange for yard work and car maintenance. A deal was struck in 1999. Gram and Casey and I had 3 bedrooms at one end of the house, and our bathroom. Then the living room…dining room…kitchen…and at the other end a 3/4 bath and spare bedroom used for storage. That became his.

Long story short we were great friends, hung out together, laughed together, Gram loved him, it was working out great. Then, when we weren’t looking, love struck. We were married in 2002. And the rest, as they say, was history.

Would I do it all again? We’ve had roads rockier than I can describe in the last 20+ years, things that could have destroyed us and our family. Instead, they brought us back into fellowship with the Lord and we became closer than we’d thought possible. That’s what happens when we start living right, putting God at the center, and doing marriage as He created it to be. So yeah…I’d do it all again.

And now, as I celebrate my husband and his life and give thanks for him on his birthday, I think of all the ways we shouldn’t have happened, shouldn’t be here together right now, and all of the little things that had to be JUST right for us to get to this point…I can’t imagine life without my Petey…happy birthday, my love!

2 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts – Dec. 29, 2022 Edition: Happy Birthday, Pete!

  1. Happy, Happy ‘Special-Day’ to you Pete! Congratulations, and Best Wishes for many more Happy, Healthy Birthdays! I send my love!

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