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Near BEER.

Question being asked in the news:  Should there be a minimum age for drinking alcohol free or low-alcohol adult beverages such as near beer, bubbly grape juice, malt 0.5%, or 3.2 beer (in Minnesota) substances?

I say “Yup!  Must be 21 or whatever age is legal in your state.”  There are 8 states which make exceptions and several considering them; allowing the purchase and consumption of non-alcohol and low alcohol beer legal for those under the legal drinking age.  

It only makes sense that these are marketed to look like and taste like the real thing without the harmful side effects.  (Candy cigarettes looked like the real thing back in my day as they were the same size and length).  Unfortunately it seems they could increase the risk of regular alcohol products.  One can guzzle “fake champagne” and suffer no slurring of speech, but you can’t with the real McCoy.

Since alcohol is a dangerous drug, low alcohol beverages should not look like the real thing.  For example non-lethal guns have orange tips.  So, shouldn’t these almost beers have an orange top?  While driving a car at 16 if you have a “non-alcohol wine” bottle open in the vehicle shouldn’t that be counted as though it is actual alcohol and result in a ticket?  Technically different, but other than tasting the product or carefully inspecting the bottle how is the officer supposed to know what’s in the bottle or can?  It should be just as illegal at the real thing.

Third, regarding driving:  Most near beers and other “safe” adult drinks actually contain trace amounts of alcohol.  Those new drivers under 18 are not permitted to have ANY alcohol in their systems while driving.  They can lose their license if they blow, have a blood  or urine test and a trace amount of alcohol is detected.  Further, those with DUI or drug convictions had best stay away as well.

MARRIAGE Back Up Plan.

Colleges and universities across the USA have marriage pact programs.  It isn’t a course of study, it is an informal agreement between two college students that if they are both single at 30 they will marry each other.  Eeew!  

They fill out a questionnaire and then are “matched” with another student.

Think pre-arranged marriage with a stranger, like they did in the old country generations ago.  Except, in this case, it isn’t an arrangement made by your parents and sealed by family agreement.  It is a “made for TV” love American style program you sign up for.  I’m sure it will guarantee your future happiness (not really).


Some (not many now, but just wait!) are pushing for you to off yourself at 75.  They are writing articles supporting the idea.  But like all slippery slopes, it won’t be long before it will go from suggestion to insistence.  This happened in Holland with assisted suicide.  At first it was an option, then it became a “thing.”  Older folk are offing themselves in significant numbers to leave full inheritance for their families, even though many are still healthy.  It is especially prevalent when one marriage partner dies…the other is left with the specter of loneliness or assisted death.

Do not believe this for an instant.  We should not be killing off those in nursing homes just to reduce our own taxes.  If we do we become “the wealthy who are not paying our fair share.”  In America we should be champions FOR those who are weaker, poorer, or unable to defend themselves.


Quoting Bill Shatner at 93:  “I don’t think you come back.  I don’t think there’s life after death.  I think this is it.”    

Maybe.  But I wouldn’t bet eternity on it, Bill.  The most arresting argument for life ever after is this:  What if there is something to live for and you blow it!  You will have 93 years of hedonism and an eternity of regret, right!  

Shatner believes this is all you get.  If it is, why care one little bit for the hurting or disadvantaged?  Why become a brain surgeon or look to space when the answer is all right here?  Why go to school?  Why get a degree?  Why study plants, animals or anything if it doesn’t matter?  If all that matters is “the good life,” then no one would work overtime or Saturdays.  No one would be pleasant just because…

Let’s be honest with ourselves, almost everyone believes there is value in the things that should not matter at all.  In other words, they believe there is something BIGGER than themselves … health of the planet, not eating meat, switching to electric vehicles, saving the trees, pet rescues, etc., etc.  Most of us BELIEVE we should behave better than we need to if this is the total sum of everything.

In essence, most people who say they believe “this is all you get” are living a false life.  They are being good for nothing.

So, what if there is something beyond to live for … and you blow it!  Pretty risky, if you ask me.

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5 thoughts on “GUEST POST from Don – Weird News

  1. In Bill’s case, it is easy to say this is all there is. Didn’t the Carpenters sing about depressed and no one took notice until Karen took her own life.
    End result..there is an eternity. Just a matter as to which to choose..blessing or cursing, life or desth and God pleads Choose Life

    1. @ThomasN8HIS

      Yes. Starved to death when she could afford any food she wanted.
      There are several stronger arguments for life after death, but the fact that many non- believers live as though there is something bigger than just their 70 (or 93) years cannot be discarded.

  2. We are here on earth for a couple reasons. Age does not change any of it!!! Even if our bodies fail, His Spirit inside of us does not. His Spirit takes over where we do not have much capacity for life on this earth. But as long as we are here with Christ in is, we serve, honor, fellowship, gives praise and thanksgiving, commune, love, etc all with our Creator and LORD, and with His Body of Christ! It has nothing to do with being “valuable enough to serve this world”. Our service and value is in Christ’s Will on earth, as it is in heaven! 🙂

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