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DADS’ MOWER BRIGADE, and others.

In a small town nearby there is an Independence Day parade.  That’s not unusual as I hear.  They do all the normal stuff that people do … tractors, horses and wagons, firetrucks, local beauty queen riding in a spiffy soft top, local band, boy scout troop, clowns, and people throwing candy (against which there should be a law).

What is different is the “dads’ mower brigade.”  Dads display their maneuvers, like pinwheel, racing in a figure 8, direction changes all while pushing lawnmowers.  Its worth seeing … once.  Thankfully the mowers are not running and they are often decorated.   The dads?  They wear dress shirts and ties, shorts, and John Deere caps.


In recent years many with agendas you don’t want to know about have been pushing animal consciousness.  The term should be viewed with significant suspicion.  The first question is “Why does this interest you?”  Of course, that begins an entire conversation you would rather not have.

If animals are conscious then we can’t eat them, or control them with insecticides, or keep chickens for their eggs.  This is utter foolishness for ONE major reason … (think about it) … our world’s human population cannot be fed with vegan foods alone.  About a third of us would be forced to starve to death and a quarter of us would be jobless.  We can’t feed the world without any animal proteins.  Thus, the onus is on the fool who believes animals should not be food for people.  “How are you going to feed the world population without any animal proteins?”  They have no CURRENTLY AVAILABLE answer.  Their best answer is “we can lab-grow proteins.”  That raises the second impossibility:  Lab grown protein is currently twice as expensive as animal protein (and that is for the tiny amount presently created).  There are no current facilities which could produce the stuff in the quantities needed to feed the world.  AND, if such could be created, the COST would be out of reach for more than a quarter of the world’s masses.  In other words, the idea fails at every level.  People out of work cannot purchase anything.  

One study showed that feeding everyone in the world in the year 2050 will be difficult as it is.  Again we are slated to run out of resources (we’ve been told this before).  So, if we take animals and animal products out of our food chain, it can only be far worse.

Beyond that, some animals we use for food can be raised on land which is of little value for farming.  Rocky areas, arid areas, mountainous areas are almost impossible for crops, but are useful for animals.  In Arizona cattle ranches are hundreds of thousands of acres.  In fertile mid-western regions you can raise two cows per acre, in Arizona it is more like 1 cow per 5 acres.  Its rocky, arid, and very hilly north of Phoenix.

Furthermore, I’ve looked into the eyes of cows and chickens.  The looks I get in return I have only seen in the rarest of humans.  That is, humans who have few emotions and no creative thought.  I worked at a place that housed people like that, most were severely physically and mentally handicapped.  They couldn’t talk.  Many did not have the ability to feed themselves or develop meaningful relationships.  We care for people like that and don’t eat them because they are of our type, though damaged.  But a cow or chicken doesn’t even have the potential to live beyond that level.  

For me, then, “consciousness” is a minimum requirement for usefulness as food.  They are conscious that they don’t like flies and do like alfalfa.  Sorry, that’s not a level of consciousness required for not drinking cow’s milk.  If it had an opinion about Trump and Biden I probably wouldn’t cut it into steaks, though.  The meat would be too tough and dry.


ABC’s Jonathan Karl warned Sunday that the 2024 presidential election will be the “most important election of our time,” telling his audience, “no more crying wolf.”

It has taken 16 years for a journalist to say that.  In the last several elections news sources have carried the water for politicians.  As an example:  Someone said, “Russian Collusion” and journalism went out the window.  Collusion was pushed by media for over 2 years, and in the end it failed for one reason … it was all a lie.  There have been just as many on one side of the aisle as the other.  

We, as voters, have to stop believing those crying “wolf.” I’ve never seen the wolf.  

Let me just say that Jonathan Karl is wrong that 2024 will be the “most important.”  That lie has been bandied about more times than Hugh Heffner had a woman in his bed and it means even less.  2024 will be important for several reasons, but it is far from the “most important.”  With China and Russia both on the edge of starting WWIII and the millions streaming across the border previous elections had more importance.  Someone needed to stand up to those bullies and close the border long ago.  What happens in the next 4 years is already baked into the pie.


Using names in a derogatory manner is problematic.  A “Jemima” is a black woman who is considered too subservient to whites, and a “Karen” is an in-your-black-face white woman. Or, are they?  Actually they were sisters thousands of years ago.  Job lost his children to a disaster early in the book, but later had more children, two of whom were Karen and Jemima.  (Check out Job 42:13-14 KJV “He had also seven sons and three daughters.  And he called the name of the first Jemima; and the name of the second, Keziah; and the name of the third, Kerenhappuch [Karen Happuch],”).  Anyway.  They were probably neither white nor black, but middle-eastern.  There have been many blacks named Karen and not a few whites named Jemima.  Both are solid, worthy names.  Daniel Boone had a daughter Jemima and a well-known black actress has the given name of Karen.

That being said, it may still be a bit early to name a child “Adolf.”  I have no idea why anyone would name their pet “Satan.”  That still carries too much evil.  But Karen and Jemima carry no evil, only joy.

It is time anyway to stop using derogatory racist terms, don’t you think?  Why don’t we restore these two names to the honor they deserve.  I’m wondering why no one has said this before.

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