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A number of years ago, around 2006, scientists and environmentalists claimed honey bees were dying off.  They had evidence.  Entire hives went dead in weeks.  They were healthy and then they were dead.  No single suspect was discovered, but with intense hand wringing it was surmised that PESTICIDES were involved.

Soon there was a movement to ban certain pesticides.
People were planting clover and other bee friendly plants.
Others were establishing bee “watering holes” in their yards to “save the bees.”

Multiple studies were commissioned and millions of dollars spent to “SAVE THE BEES.”

One of those studies was a longitudinal bee survey in multiple locations in the U.S.  Every summer they counted honey bees in those locations, expecting to record the demise of the simple honey bee.

And …
They discovered something strange.

The number of honey bees did drop for a few years by about 15% but quickly returned to normal before ANY changes in human activity, which had been labeled “harmful to bees,” had time to be put into practice.

Now we are approaching year 15 of the study and guess what!  It  shows that the number of honey bees is roughly the same number as it was before “the crash,” but that number has nothing to do with anything we did to “save” them.

Did anyone tell you in the last 10 years that the bees were NOT dying off?  No?  They were so quick to pronounce doom, but failed to pronounce non-doom.  One has to wonder why that is.  

The elimination or increased regulation of certain pesticides took several years, and before they were eliminated or regulated … the number of bees was back to where they were before.

The conclusion of the study is that honey bees are NOT dying off.  Questions are now being asked:  “Who was the ‘Chicken Little’ who claimed they were?”

We know, for instance, that multiple “scientific studies” are fakes.  Some scientists lie.  The result is that we react to the bad science and get all upset that the world is about to end.  Lies are a big problem in science.  Lies are a big problem in every human endeavor.

The biggest problem with the lies is that we are left wondering “Who should we believe?” and “What should we believe?”  If the honey bees aren’t going extinct, like we were told, if the tooth fairy isn’t real (not really in the same category), then is “Global Warming” fake, too?  Hmmm.  

Should I get an EV to save the world which doesn’t need to be saved?  Should I give up my gas furnace and switch to a more expensive heat pump system?  Hmmm.

I, for one, am extremely thankful that honey bees are just fine.  It worried me, too, see!  I believed the lie.  It turns out that, although “nics” (a pesticide group) are bad for bees, they didn’t cause the hive crashes of 2005, 2006, and 2007.  They now know that it was mostly caused by a bee mite and a couple common bee diseases that got shared quickly because of honey bee companies who hire their hives to farmers.  [The hives are in trailers which are delivered, sometimes hundreds of miles from their last stop, and then “share” the diseases they picked up at the last stop.  Unresistant bees are suddenly exposed to a new disease, like smallpox-ridden blankets given to the Indians.]

One thing is absolutely clear:  We need a single source of truth.  Not a single source of bias, but a single source which cannot be twisted.  Government has failed here, the media has failed, science has failed.  Name one HUMAN institution which has not failed to be the ONE SOURCE that people can trust.

Salt is evil.  Alcohol is evil.  Red meat, refined sugar, white potatoes, butter, and white bread are evil.  … Then we find out later, with another study, that salt is not always evil, alcohol is not always, red meat, sugar, etc. are not always.  I resist trusting stories on nutrition anymore.  

I stopped trusting stories about politics long ago.

I don’t trust stories about supposed hidden racism, white supremacy, the need for more fake meat, male toxicity, or the need for more laws to handle things for which laws already exist, or the evil of big corporations … anymore.

There is a huge amount of false reporting and fake news about it all.  Not everything is untrue, but the untrue reporting which exists casts a VERY long shadow.

It seems there is little that can be trusted which makes its way into the news … is that why there are so many stories about Elizabeth Hurley wearing provocative outfits?  That way we don’t notice the other crap we’re being fed.

Since there is no ONE SOURCE for truth among humans, what can we believe?  

One thing that I do believe:  Evil exists in more places than you would think, there will always be someone who will abuse fake science, politics, nutrition, etc. to push his own agenda.  There are evil people in every realm.  Thankfully there are many good people, too, or else all would already be lost.

More than ever we need to exercise our own minds to weed out the fake, which even the government pushes from time to time.  Believe me when I say that fake is wrapped in sheep’s clothing every time.

The honey bees are doing just fine!!!  AND NO ONE TOLD YOU.  Think about that for a moment.

I have two creative writings I will be sharing.  In June a short-short called “The Winner.”  

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8 thoughts on “GUEST POST from Don – Honey Bees

  1. There are now 2 actual threats to honey bees. Neither are man-made. In the NW they have been dealing with “Murder Hornets.” Georgia, for the second year, is dealing with an infestation of “Yellow-Legged Hornets” which have been a problem in southern Europe for several years. Of the two, the Georgia hornet is probably the worst. Honey bees refuse to leave the hive when one is nearby. The Yellow-legged Hornet nests are HUGE with as many as 6000 workers.

      1. The good news (if any) is that northern states are probably fairly safe. Both hornet varieties mentioned prefer warmer winters. Fortunately as well, there are scores of other pollinators, including certain flies and moths.

        1. I didn’t know either of those things! It makes me glad that I prefer colder winters…I’d love to see you write about other pollinators someday, that is pretty fascinating; I had no idea!

  2. In case you didn’t know, honey bees were imported with the colonists. Trees, bushes, and other plants did just fine without them before they arrived.

  3. Very fascinating! I have always been careful about what I use on the lawn so as to protect the bees. This is quite eye opening.

    1. E
      It never hurts to protect bees. You can’t go wrong doing it. The biggest issue is being careful with products around flowering bushes.

      We were always careful when spraying high especially if there were flowering bushes. In fact, I always carried (and used) a tarp for that reason.

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