GUEST POST from Don: GHOST CABIN (chapter 4)

GHOST CABIN, Chapter 4

The wraith responded, “I was so ashamed.  I loved him so much and it seemed right at the time.  Looking back, I agree that it was not a decision for our best.”

The older daughter responded, “Times were different for you than they are today.  Now it is not uncommon to have a child when not married, but during your time it was not common.  Thus, you agree that you carry half of the responsibility for creating a child when you should not have.  That’s your burden to carry.  However, you did not make that decision alone.  Your lover carries responsibility, too, since he was not forced to participate in creating your child.  See?  You can only take responsibility for your own decisions.  We assume you did not push him into that, nor he you.”

“No, not at all,” the ghost was thoughtful, “he was so caring and tender.  His great love he declared for me.  Further, he declared his pleasure when I told him of the pregnancy.”

“Did you keep the pregnancy a secret?  Did you not tell your family or friends?” asked Charlotte.  “Did your lover ask you to keep it quiet?”

The wraith answered, “He built this cabin, it was simple then being a single level with a dirt floor.  Here by the river in the woods he provided for all that our baby and I needed.  I never gave a thought of returning home.  My family p’haps never knew.  I was happy to begin a family with him.”

Sedona said softly, “So, it was a secret cozy place he built for you and the baby.  We are guessing that no one else knew.”

The younger said, “Ah!  A story as old as time…”

The wraith responded, “Be this not a jest for you!  You believe he was a wanting out.  You believe he was sorrowful for starting a family?  That was not as it was.  He was pleased.  He told me he be pleased and he told me all his hopes for us.  He wanted a large family and this was the beginning.”

Charlotte responded, “Was this a special day?  Anniversary, perhaps?”

The ghost thought, “Yes.  Yes.  He on that day was going to announce it to his family.  He was going to tell them he wanted to wed me and claim the child as his own.  He seemed eager for the day to come.”

Sedona wanted to hug the ghost, but of course there was no way to do so, “We are so sad for you.  You expected far different from him.  He had been so caring and thoughtful.”

Charlotte, though was curious, “I’m thinking someone else knew.  Did someone know?”

The wraith said, “Ah!  Well!  His brother, he knew and was against it.  His father, tho’, was unaware.  Do you think…?”

The older daughter quickly responded, “I think my sister was trying to understand if there were pressures brought to bear against him.”

The younger daughter said, “Going back to yourself and your responsibilities for what happened.  We said you made a common mistake of enjoying the benefits of marriage without the support of family or friends.  For that you are responsible, but from all else you have told us you bear none.  If you can separate your own acts from the acts of your lover you have made progress.  We still have no sure answer to the larger issue: ‘Why?’

The ghost responded, “Yes.  Your words do remove a bit of the confusion.  I am at peace now with my guilt.  I was foolish.  Out of secret love I allowed myself to think the love we had together was of sufficiency to overcome all else.  Out of passion we sought each other first rather than the approval of family and friends.  We got the cart hitched to the front of the horse.  We erred.”  

“Then he did everything he could for us except own up to what he had done to his kin.  I also did not tell the truth with my kin.  Hiding the truth shows that we both carried a bit of shame.  I admit I carried a bit of shame.”

Sedona summarized, “Knowing what things are yours and feeling them for what they are is important to finding peace.”

Charlotte thought it was time to move on, “Yes.  That is the first part.  The second is realizing that you have suffered with three painful events that day.  Each part has a separate type of pain.”

The ghost said quizzically, “Three?”

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2 thoughts on “GUEST POST from Don: GHOST CABIN (chapter 4)

  1. In fiction one can take some shortcuts, for good or bad. The actual therapeutic concepts shared here could NOT work in a one night counseling session. They require many hours of developing trust, and exploring the life and ideas of the counseling subject. This session is way too directive, which is probably unhealthy. Also, it is unfair to suggest that tandem counseling works better than one-on-one.
    All those things being said, the ideas here are worthwhile and can be helpful for those who are struggling because of grief and/or confusion. If a reader is struggling with grief or confusion I recommend seeking a professional. (My wife is an above-average one and I’m not one at all.)

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