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Recently I wrote about conspiracy theories (SEE HERE) and WHY they are believable.  Interestingly, today I had my medical check-up (people at my age get those things) and my doctor and I had a brief discussion about the new “vaccine” for RSV.  The IDEA of getting a vaccine to “prevent” RSV is appealing.  I told him that I would get it … if I was sure of a few things.  First, that it has been thoroughly tested and all the potential side effects are known.  Second, that it actually “prevents” the infection.  Third, that the medical community has decided to be thoroughly transparent (unlike with the Flu and COVID “vaccines”).

The problem comes from some of the big whoppers the CDC, medical communities, and the government foisted upon the unknowing public.

“For 40 years” the government and medical science “mislead” us (lied) about the flu vaccine.

When was the first time you heard from an official source that the flu vaccine does not prevent the flu?  [Yes!  I know that your cousin Billy Bob had a wild theory.  But I’m talking about a doctor, nurse, or the local health department TOLD you that the flu “vaccine” did not prevent the flu, it only lessens the symptoms).  For me it was at the end of 2022 when I brought up the subject with my primary care physician.  He told me.  How long have flu shots been available?  30-40 years, I was thinking.  I was wrong.  According to the Mayo Clinic flu vaccines were first made available to the American public in … 1945  (more than 75 years ago).

Then just last fall I saw the very first PUBLISHED article about it in Scientific American written in language an ordinary consumer could understand.  The article mentioned that the government has decided to promote the “flu vaccine” differently than ever before.  After 75 years of telling us that the vaccine “prevents” the flu (starting 6 weeks after the shot), they finally are beginning to tell us that it merely reduces the effects of the flu.  Instead of an elephant sitting on your body it will feel more like a kitten, they are now saying.  They call it “From Wild to Mild.”  Nothing has changed with the actual “vaccine” they are merely telling the truth at long last.

The reason for this change is the stupid part.  We learned, rather quickly, that the COVID vaccine does not “prevent” infection by the virus.  So, in order for us to feel more comfortable getting THAT “vaccine” they have decided to “normalize” that vaccines do not have to “prevent” anything.

However, most vaccines DO normally work that way.  Most all but eliminate the possibility of infection from rubella, chicken pox, mumps, etc.  And for more than 75 years they made us think the flu vaccine also worked that way and they were merely trying to guess which strains were going to be prominent (which they implied was the reason some people still got the flu … because THAT strain was not in the vaccine, not because the vaccine does not “prevent” flu.)

We’ve been duped, again, by our “friends” in the medical community and by our health departments, and by the CDC, and by those who should have been telling us the truth all along (or, at least for the last 75 years).  

I am not happy about this.  You should not be either.  

If they can’t trust us with the truth about the flu “vaccine” what else are they mislabeling? (and I have very little doubt there is much more,)

So, that brings us back to COVID and the misrepresentations there.  We already know so much of it.   They (government, CDC, etc. experts) had near certainty at the very beginning that masking would not work (understand I am not talking about the ABILITY of a high quality mask, but the idea that the generalized public use of masks would have a significant impact) because the generalized public use of masks has NEVER worked against any type of virus infection.  Yet they insisted that this was supposed to “slow” the spread.  It did not.  They closed businesses and kept us from traveling in order to allow time for hospitals to “get ahead” of it.  The hospitals did not (and could not) because there were almost no supplies or appropriate treatments available until AFTER the disease had naturally slowed.

Then they told us that it was important to get the COVID “vaccine” to eliminate the possibility of getting and spreading it.  We now know they were blowing smoke.  It was not designed like other “vaccines” (except the flu “vaccine”), but only reduced the likelihood of developing symptoms and the severity of said symptoms.  People were fired for THAT?  It should make you mad, too.

I will have trouble trusting them again.  That is appropriate.  If you know someone has been lying to you, why should you give them the time of day ever again?

Here is the result of being lied to repeatedly:  The government-connected CDC is again warning of a NEW COVID strain which will be “worse than the original.”  I haven’t believed known liars since I was 12.  I subscribe to the truism:  “Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.”  I refuse to be shamed.  Thus, it is time for all of our leaders to take a stand on honesty and full disclosure by medical agencies.  

Now we have “experts” warning that the next big infection is just around the corner, but we haven’t gotten over the lies and half-truths of the Flu or COVID yet.  We need three things to restore our trust in those “experts” and politicians (from every party):
    a. Total transparency
    b. No push (like “if you don’t you’ll lose your job”).
    c. Published studies following scientific guidelines.

Is there more you would add?  I hope so.

[NOTE:  Be looking for a short story about failure and forgiveness just before Good Friday!]

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2 thoughts on “GUEST POST from Don – For 40 Years?

  1. Well, I have to say the preventive shot for Shingles didn’t prevent Shingles but instead gave me Shingles….something I would wish on no one. The the VA said the single shot didn’t work so if one got 2 shots that would prevent getting Shingles.
    I am supposed to trust them?
    As you say, Don, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.
    I don’t take any shots any more.

  2. @Thomas,
    There is one simple way for trust to be restored…tell the truth about everything.

    Even a single untruth is not acceptable.

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