Great Saturday!

Today we had plans to babysit the grands, and figured since we were going to be not-too-far from The Big City (as opposed to the smaller cities we usually frequent) we might as well leave a few hours early and visit it first. So here are some pictures of our day!

This was what I saw out my bedroom window when I woke up this morning: the 3 Tom turkeys (I’m Tom, this is my brother Tom, and that’s my other brother Tom) were playing King of the Hill.

The first thing we did was eat lunch. Pete’s been going to this restaurant since he was in junior high!

These cards were on the tables 😕

Next we went to our favorite Asian market and replenished our supplies.

We got these for the kids, and they all LOVED them!

We stopped for coffees on the way to babysit. SF vanilla Caramel lattes, mine breve and Pete’s almond milk.

Finally we got to our daughter and son-in-law’s house. 6YO Lyra had gotten all dressed up for us! Isn’t she beautiful? 💖

Soon the time came for Mommy and Dad to leave.

Clearly 15MO Luna was NOT happy about that!

Lyra made me a lovely owl…how clever is that! 😀

Leelan getting his baby sister relaxed at bedtime 🤗

We’re still here as I edit this but will be leaving shortly. It was a really wonderful day with my family ❣️❣️❣️

I will be posting a few video clips on my YouTube channel as a Vlog as well, but not until tomorrow. If you want to check back for it, my name on YouTube is ChiaChatterVlogs.

4 thoughts on “Great Saturday!

    1. It did go surprisingly well after that, actually! She got through the entire evening without crying once, even at bedtime (thanks to Leelan)! And I agree, Lyra is a beautiful girl❣

  1. That’s right Sherry….bribe them with sugar! Works every time! LOL Last night I bribed mine with Mexican roll ups. 🙂 They were so happy~ And sweet and salty popcorn.

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