That’s the word I use when I’m gobsmacked. Golly. It fits in a whole lot of different scenarios, don’t you think?

Yesterday was a golly kinda day. My plan was so work on my blog, mainly implementing at least one of the changes I’d mentioned the other day. Well, THAT didn’t happen ? but I did find out that one of the things I want to do I probably can’t – not with my current level of WP understanding at least…and that took a lot of learning, too! This blogging stuff isn’t as easy as I make it look! ?

Since last night was a rough night with some of my physical issues I am not sure how much I will accomplish today either BUT it is a beautiful day outside, in the 70’s, sunny, lots of wildlife sounds, critters wandering through the yard, and really a lovely day! Between dozing off I still have high hopes of accomplishing something here, even if it’s just a few fun memes for a new post ?.

The main thing I want to do is make navigation easier. While it’s popular, I’m not a big fan of the “latest posts” widget anymore. Looking at indices so that posts can be listed by category or tag…but we’ll see what I end up with! That will be my fun times between naps today ?.

I hope your Monday is marvelous, if not momentous – or at least memorable!

2 thoughts on “Golly.

    1. Yup, I agree. That’s why I like that widget at the top left of the pages, newest on top, and I think I’ll keep that. I want to some different things with highlighting certain categories of posts, and am looking at a way to feature some older-but-still-interesting posts that I can change every week (or whenever), too. 🙂

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