Golly! I’d Totally Forgotten!

I guess I should be used to it by now, but I happened to stumble across 2 old blogs of mine! I thought I hadn’t blogged in well over a decade, but apparently I had…as recently as Oct. 2020 in one of them which I KIND of remember – I recalled bits of the post itself when I just read it but didn’t know that I’d written them in a 10-year-old blog! And the other blog…well, I guess I’d just totally completely forgot about it.

Sometime when I have the mind for it I will go back through them and read. I also had a WP blog in which I shared details of my stroke (2008) and recovery period, that is the only one I thought I had, though I can’t recall the name of it so I can’t look it up to see if it’s still online somewhere.

Anyway, now the secret is out: my theme song is If I Only Had a Brain!

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