Fun Friday With Pete – July 23, 2021

Fridays are usually our “out and about” day, when we run our errands and go out for a good fish dinner. (Friday fish dinners, especially of the AYCE variety, are a Big Thing in northern Michigan!)

Today we started with Pete’s appointment at the VA to have some dental work done. I chose to wait in the car with our “Sprinternet” hotspot and my laptop.

Next we went to my favorite Asian market in the area to stock up on our favorites: vegetable dumplings, Napa cabbage, king oyster mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms (both fresh and dried), spring rolls, Chinese eggplant, etc.

Then to Magoo’s for some parrot food – I just needed enough to get through to the next time we go to Soldan’s for the 25# bag of Higgins Safflower Gold (conure size) that is the basis for my #PoiBoiz diet. (We also found wild bird seed for 50% off – see the story about that below.)

A stop at a thrift store yielded a few great finds, mostly for Pete, but one of the best was 3 packages of chux of the type we put down for the dogs when we’re not home/overnight in case they need to potty. I’ll be placing my usual order for them online the first of the month, but finding exactly what we needed – at a great price – to get us through the next week is another God thing!

Pete has needed an angle grinder for a project and I happened to recall seeing that they had one on sale, so an impromptu stop at Harbor Freight for it means he’ll be able to finish his project!

Then we went to one of our 2 favorite Friday-fish-fry places, this one is a good distance from home but were all over the eastern-central part of the state (a half-dozen counties) anyway so that didn’t matter, it was a great dinner as always! Pete got AYCE lake perch and walleye; I got a fried clam dinner. Great as always here!

Passing a Family Freaks (as we fondly refer to it) store we stopped to grab a couple of feed blocks that the birds we feed particularly enjoy, since they were on sale. And this is when Pete discovered…

…GRAIN WEEVILS! There was a small hole in one of the bags of wild bird seed we’d purchased, and they were crawling around EVERYWHERE! (Special thanks to my brother-in-law the pest expert for IDing them for me!) UGH! UGH! UGH! So when we got home all 3 bags got dumped on and around the feeding station. To the birds & chipmunks & squirrels & deer: You’re welcome!

If not for Pete’s appointment I likely would have begged off all of the running around we did as my pain levels were about a 14 out of 10 already from the work I did around the house (and when I say house, I mean motorhome) the day before…but I made it through the day, thanks to my scwalker and pain pills. Once we got home though, I crashed Big Time! Got into my corner of the bed where I usually sit with pillows packed around my spine and my legs elevated, picked up my phone to check new Mastodon activity, and woke up after midnight!!! I don’t even remember falling asleep…but other chronic pain sufferers understand, I’m sure, that pain is exhausting. At any rate, Pete and I had a great day together, as we always do, Fridays are part getting-stuff-done and part being-on-a-date-together, and is a tradition we’ve had for many years and plan to do for as many more as God gives us!


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