Friday – ROAD TRIP!

Yesterday we decided to go on a road trip. We’d been in the Saginaw area on Thursday, so we chose to go in the other direction, and made for the west side of the state – Grand Rapids, MI.

On the way there we went to Greenville, as there was a store I wanted to look at, also. Here are the tracks we made!

The first thing we did when we got to Greenville was EAT! I don’t typically get hungry or eat until mid- to late-afternoon but having gotten up at 6:00 in the morning, I was starved by the time we got there just before noon. So we went to Big Boy rather than drive around and look for something different (which is what we’d typically do). I got a Brawny Lad and fries. (Yesterday was neither low carb nor intermittent fasting, both of which I usually do!)

This is the store I wanted to look at. 90 miles away it’s too far to go to shop often, but I’ll probably stop by the next time we decide to visit Grand Rapids, as its on the way. Got some GREAT bargains! I got some cauliflower (89¢ each!) and some squash, some shredded carrots (2/$1!), and cole slaw mix, and Pete was able to find good stuff for himself too, like his vegan “butter” that’s usually about $4, for just 99¢ each! And look at that price on the shrimp – WOW!

One of the reasons we went to Grand Rapids was to shop at Costco. They didn’t have 2 of the main items we’d wanted (I’ll order them online) but we got some good organic stuff for Pete, some keto bread and buns for me, and some “pee pads” to line Chuy’s belly bands.

We still needed a few Aldi things – mostly for Pete but I got some half’n’half and whipped cream cheese – and it was right across the parking lot from Costco anyway.

On the way home we stopped at this gem in Ionia. GREAT food! (I’d eaten half my club sandwich before I remembered to take the picture!)

We stopped for gas on the way home, and noticed that the gas station put out big bags of carrots at the pumps…I’m guessing so that their gas customers have something to munch on whilst they pump?

Overall we had a great day together, though it didn’t start out well…we always enjoy our time together, especially on road trips!


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