Friday Funnies – Jan. 7, 2022 Edition

For a high school dance, the head boy asked out the girl he liked. To get flowers for her, he had to stand in a line outside the florist for an hour. To make things worse, he had to wait another hour in a line outside the tuxedo shop. Finally, he goes to the dance with the girl. The girl wanted to have some apple punch so the boy went to get it, but to his surprise, there was no punch line. <groan>

2 thoughts on “Friday Funnies – Jan. 7, 2022 Edition

  1. Those are great ones. For the price of Pringles it should have the ‘turn up’ dial. Or at least like the Orange Sorbet Ice Creme have a push up stick.

    I like the idea of the ants thinking the explorer that found the sugar cube is a liar.

    Tortilla chips have ruined my appetite many times. I think they do that so you will take home your actual meal and leave the why not just order for pick up and go home?

    Showing proof something never arrived…hmmm.. is that what we have to do for that mattress we ordered?

    Veggie Tales lol

    Lays – they say the air is there to keep the chip from breaking…so why are they still breaking…. and why are we overpaying for… air?

    Never saw the end of the line. lol

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