4 thoughts on “Friday Funnies – Dec. 2, 2022 Edition

  1. The Christmas movie meme is spot on. ?? In the South, “snow” actually means ice. So, power lines freeze, electricity goes out, and vehicles cannot drive. That would not make for a good movie. ?????

    1. Yeah, if I were in the south where all that stuff happens I might not like the season quite so much! Though, if you’re safe, the ice is beautiful… We have the same thing happen here in Michigan but usually only once or twice each season, and sometimes not at all. As long as we’re safe I do love the beauty of the ice everywhere, especially when the sun first comes out.

  2. I don’t check email that often anymore and don’t usually see your replies. Been praying for you and your health. Hope all is well.

    Anytime you want to move to warmer weather, you are welcome here??? Today is sunshine and around 60. I actually have two good friends who moved here from Michigan. (They are not related and did not know each other until I introduced them.) They celebrate the holidays with me since their families are not here.

    1. I did live in FL for a while, but I missed Michigan. A lot! Especially considering that winter is my favorite season, I love the cold, I love the snow…yeah…anyplace south of Ohio probably isn’t for me LOL! But thanks for the offer ?

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