God has promised to always be with us, and He tells us OFTEN in His Word “do not fear” – and He is faithful, always faithful, to keep His Word.

Death is something no Christian needs to fear. In fact, our longing for heaven and our overwhelming desire to be with our Savior is so strong there is no room for fear.

The world is an evil place, we are seeing that more and more as the time for Jesus’ return grows closer. As we see the forces of darkness at work destroying everything good – but evil has limits – and what God protects, what God has declared to be, it cannot touch. Which is a very reassuring promise!

Trust. Where there is trust, there need be no fear. Whatever “it” is to us, when we’re walking with Christ He’s the one that’s taking care of “it” – we don’t have to fear.

All of that chaos and destruction that happens when a society forsakes – turns away from – God is a picture of what happens in our own spirit when we turn away from Him. And fear takes over. (with good reason!)

Belonging to Jesus…walking with Him…trusting Him…looking always to Him to keep His promises…brings perfect peace that those in and of the world cannot know or understand. But finding our being in Jesus, we don’t need to be troubled or afraid. He gives us peace.


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