Father Knows Best

Memes and other things I see online really resonate with me when they apply to my life. Here are a few I’ve saved recently.

I’m starting out with a tough one. It’s not too hard to “do all things” that He asks of me…but without murmurings and disputings? THAT’s the hard part! Yet, He wants others – the crooked and perverse in our nation and in the world – to see me as different from the world. To see that I have something that the world doesn’t offer. Shining His light in the darkness of the crookedness and perversity.

Yea, rather – rather than what the world offers – HE offers blessing! Blessing to those that hear His Word and keep it. Including doing His work without murmurings and disputings.

Wow! He watches us – those who hear the Word of God and keep it – and hears our prayers! He blesses us AND hears our prayers! Those who do evil…crookedness and perversity among other evils…He turns His face against. He doesn’t hear those prayers, He doesn’t bless those who do evil in the world. That does make me sad, who wouldn’t want to have the blessings and ear of our Father? I can’t wrap my head around choosing evil over Him, even though at one time, that was me, doing evil, a sinner no different from anybody else in the world.

My Father, however, in His mercy, offered me forgiveness and a chance to live in His light! I can’t help but let the world know what He has done, He has saved me from death in the pit, He has paid my debt through His Son who took the punishment that I deserved, He has made me new and whole and desiring nothing more than to honor Him! He is a great great God!

You, O Lord, are my God – my Father – and I praise your name forever. Let me honor You in all I do, with your help, with your guidance, and in Your strength. In Jesus precious and mighty name…


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