Faith Walkin’ Friday – Oct. 8, 2021 Edition

This is a new weekly feature on my blog, where I’ll write about experiences and insights about the joy of walking in faith.

I’ve mentioned that our car was at the dealership for something else and were told that we badly needed brakes and brake lines right? And we were quoted a very high price to get the work done, so I had planned to put it off until next month so I could save up for it. Then “out of the blue” a Christian sister in another state sent me an email telling me that God had moved in her heart to send us some money. HUGE blessing for which we were so thankful! God always meets our needs, often in such a way, just as He uses us to meet the needs of others similarly.

And now here is the REST of the story:

Pete spent a couple of hours on Wednesday doing our errands around town before dropping the car off for the brakes/lines yesterday. He just went to pick up the car. The owner of the shop told him that the brake line blew JUST as he was driving it into the garage!!!! Nobody can tell me that isn’t a God thing!! AND he gave Pete a veteran’s discount. AND the bill was even less than quoted. AND – I haven’t mentioned this to anyone, but God knew – the car also badly needed tires – AND when all was said and done not only did God keep Pete (and us, on Tuesday) safe, BUT there will be enough left over after all the brake work to get 4 new tires now!!!! AND I was able to even pay it forward to a friend who had a need that may have been small in $ but was BIG to her.

We never know what God can accomplish through us when we are trusting Him in faith and obedience.

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  1. I finally finished answering your emails of yesterday and today (Thursday and Friday). Check it out!

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