Cops & Donuts

Our precocious wonderfully sweet and stylish 6YO granddaughter, Lyra, is spending a few days with us this weekend. Today we did some running around and then one of our stops was at the famous Cops & Donuts in Clare, MI as we passed through. She really enjoyed her chocolate frosted cruller and hot chocolate. And, of course, I got some pictures there…enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Cops & Donuts

  1. Sherry, that looks like a cool place….glad you and Lyra are able to still do things know that there is soo much that isn’t normal anymore or at least not now….with God all things are possible and things will get better….can’t believe how big she is getting…..:-)….Debbie

    1. Actually our lives are pretty normal for the most part, and are going on as usual unless we go to a city…but we go to the stores who aren’t buying into the madness as much as we can, so life is as normal as it can be for us. Yes, Lyra is losing her babyish look and definitely growing up…as they all do…

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