I talk about Maisie a lot because she’s my dog. But Chuy was once my dog too…

We have always had multiple dogs. Before Chuy, we had 2 dogs (2 laps, 2 dogs, it worked for us!) When one died, I didn’t want another dog. But as the months passed I started thinking about it. So I was looking online late one night, just to see if I was ready, and I saw Chuy’s face… I won’t go into all the details but he was mine within a few days.

Right off the bat we noticed that he was afraid (ducking, running, and hiding) of any sticks, from brooms to fly swatters. He always stood/stands behind us, never in front, where we could kick him. His tail had a kink in it from a break. His ribs on one side had also been broken at some point, and he yelps if we pick him up wrong around that area. We were told that he was 2-3 years old, though our vet later told us he was only about a year and a half old. So we figure he’s about 8 now…

As a result of brain damage from a stroke in 2008 I have a kind of chaotic brain that becomes frenetic to the point of either a mental paralysis of sorts, or panic that results in a loss of control because I simply can’t stand it. It was always difficult, especially, for Pete to see. But from the day that Chuy came home, when I would start to overload he would get on my lap with his front paws pushing against my chest and his big brown eyes intently staring, unblinking, into mine. It was almost hypnotic. But it stopped that cycle dead in its tracks. How did he know to do that? We had no idea. But he did it and did it consistently.

Then Pete started dealing more intensely with his PTSD issues with his psych. He started acting out in his sleep at times, and things were coming to the surface. Chuy knew where he was needed, and he “abandoned” me and turned all of his attention to Pete. He has instinctively worked with Pete in similar ways, and over the last few years has become glued to his side, always ready for when he’s needed, as well as being a funny, opinionated, affectionate, and adorable pet!

He’s also an escape artist! For the first months we had him there was no collar, harness, or vest that could hold him. He was a Houdini. We finally found a military-strength harness that he can’t get out of! And belly bands? They’re gone within minutes! He stretches himself out on the floor and scoots forward, pulling himself into a long and skinny rope, using the friction against the floor to slide that thing right back off his outstretched hind legs. I’ve never seen anything like it! (We just bought some dog “onesies” in an attempt to thwart his efforts…will let you know if that works!)

Chuy is terrier through and through. Total terrier attitude and manner, instinctively goes to ground to hunt, keenly intelligent but careful not to make us feel too inferior. But most of all he is totally and completely loyal, and dedicated to his charge. Once he saw what was needed in our family, he went right to work, and he’s never stopped.

Funny little man 🥰

Chuy being Chuy.
Chuy at the vet, waiting for the tech to return Maisie to the room while she was having some radiographs.

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