Some, you won’t know about unless I tell you. Others you may notice, sooner or later…

I’m streamlining my devices.

Currently I use a tablet for reading my PDF sheet music files on my keyboards. It is small. It is older. It is slow. It doesn’t have enough memory. It need to be replaced. So yesterday I ordered a miniPC, a cheap used one, that will sIt next to my keyboard. With its keyboard and mouse. And shortly I will be ordering a flat, portable monitor to connect to it, at least double the screen size of the tablet, that will sit on its own music stand behind my keyboard. Next to the other music stand that holds my paper books, that are heavy, wearing out, and cumbersome. And will be digitized into PDF files. That will go onto the miniPC. Problem solved.

I also have 2 laptops. Both old, both bought used, both having problems now – serious problems. I will be replacing them with a single device which Maisie can carry – in a case of course – up and down the stairs for me so I don’t need two…WHY didn’t I think of that before? I’m looking at a single laptop (least favorite choice) or a convertible laptop (2nd least) or a detachable laptop (ok, getting closer) or a Microsoft Surface Pro – but I’d have to run Linux on it! Though the laptop would be ok but a little less desirable. I’m still doing my research but have been wanting the MS Surface Pro for quite a while now – would probably buy refurbished as I do all of my laptops. The jury is still out, however; I’m still researching, saving, and watching sales.

My laptops and tablet would go to, well, who knows where.

I’m streamlining my life.

Our helpers will be helping me to gather up the things I have been procrastinating about selling – higher ticket things that are worth my while to take photos of and sell online (#PSRS950 anyone?) – and the rest will be going into a “garage” sale at our storage unit. A short, few-hours-long sale, with anything unsold to be donated. I can’t do all of that work anymore but J&E are fabulous with stuff like that. Maybe we can even not need the storage unit – BONUS!)

I’m streamlining my site.

It’s been well over 3 years, I’ve added things here and there, and watched my stats, and kept track of what my visitors are interested in, and what they aren’t. You know the pages that are linked at the top of my page, in that big mostly-pink box? Some of those will be going away. Not the popular ones. But I would rather SPEND my time providing content that people enjoy, than WASTE my time adding content that doesn’t get many hits. So yeah, things will be going away there too.

I’m also going to do things a little different with the posts, that are the new content listed in the menu when they go up. Keeping myself tied into certain types (Titters, Wags, Caturday, Funnies) is tough when it’s a slow meme week! Things like meme-hunting feels like a waste – scouring new sources isn’t something I enjoy, and I don’t have the desire to join more social media platforms to just run across them. I’ve got to be more flexible. On the weeks I’m short on memes for one of the days listed above, I’m going to post something else. I have a few ideas and collections I’m gathering for that purpose. You have no idea how much I have sweated the regular posts in the past when I haven’t had enough memes from my usual social scrolling! These will not disappear, and will still be regular weekly posts…just not on those (uncommon!) occasions when I’m low on inventory.

I’m streamlining my files.

I am in the process of reorganizing my file and link storage for this site. I save a ton of stuff to use for future posts, I’m even kinda pack-ratty about it, and it isn’t TOO disorganized, but I do occasionally find things I could have used, had it been in a different directory, or whatever, or waste time trying to find things that I know I saved…somewhere. I can alleviate that by further defining my folders, which I’ve already been working on. You won’t see the result of that (I already am!), but it is necessary.

This has been, and will be, my September. Fun stuff!

4 thoughts on “CHANGES AFOOT!

  1. For someone who finds it ‘challenging’ to BOIL EGGS…(?) you certainly know a LOT about ‘stuff’ I’ve never even HEARD of…and likely you’re even ‘self-taught’. You ‘boggle-my-mind’ with all your knowledge! What ‘intellect’! Best wishes as you go forward with all this ‘change’. Love…

    1. HAHAHA, I know HOW to boil eggs – but they won’t set up for me for some reason! I have tried every trick in the book, every method, every “recipe” and they never harden! Gwen was like that with jello for most of her life, no matter what she did, even if she never actually touched the stuff, jello wouldn’t set up for her! Bad jujube’s or something. But relatively recently she tried again and it worked! Maybe someday I will have the same experience…I can only hope! Pete will get tired of boiling my eggs sooner or later LOL! Yeah, I’m self-taught, before my stroke I was a HEAVY reader, and sucked in everything I read. I’ve lost most of it but a few things stuck I guess :). 😍

    2. She boggles my mind, too!!! Sherry is incredibly gifted in numerous ways.

      She makes everything from scratch with no recipe and whatever she makes is always delicious! Right amount of every ingredient, flavors that mix well, spices that play well together, right consistency, temp & timing perfect, etc.
      Obviously she is musically gifted too.
      Then there are animal topics and human physical and mental health topics about which she has taught herself amazing facts in amazing detail. In fact, she figured out which foods hate the kind of cancer Pete has; as a result, the cancer’s been keeping a low profile for a very long time.
      And electronics-related stuff.
      And internet-related stuff.

      I’m very honored and thankful to be her favorite sibling!! ;-]

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