CHANGES AFOOT: UPDATE 1 – Sept 14, 2023

One of the big changes I wrote about has been, for the most part, completed. Today was an incredibly busy day with J&E here, they worked longer than they ever have except when they were helping us move! While J worked with Pete on his projects, E was brilliant at making my vision a reality…even better than I expected actually! I’m not a micromanager, and always tell her the “what” (I want done), then leave the “how” to her. And she always surpasses my expectations; today was different though, what I ended up with was WAY above and beyond what I expected! So here are some photos with explanations to share what transpired, and the final – for her part anyway – result!

These are the “before” pictures, taken a few weeks ago.
First the pictures, tapestry and the curtains came down.
Maisie showing that the floor is still too messy for her to lay there.
Wow, I love the new shelf!
Maisie: Now THAT’s more like it!
Meanwhile, in the REST of the living room…
Next the new computer/keyboard/mouse go into place.
Then the tent keyboard (my EW410) came in for winter storage.
Notice anything different? Look at the new monitor! E created a way to hang it! I’d planned a 2nd music stand but this is much more stable, adjustable, and right at eye level too – BRILLIANT! With my new computer right there, I will be able to access my collection of digital sheet music as well as my subscription music services where I can access TONS more music to play, right there on the screen! PLUS eventually I can connect my Tyros5 to the internet for uploading, downloading, saving to my cloud, etc!
Thanks to the extra shelves, plenty of space for my “music tech”!
What a fun place to work and play!
Truly a transformed space, and so useful! (And don’t miss the snowflake at the top! Speaking of brilliant, my very creative and dear friend Heidi made that for me…it is one of a collection of many that I bring out in the winter…but I always keep one out where I can see it all year long; this one is in the most special place I could think of!)

If you want to see the unboxing of the equipment I bought for this project (plus the new-to-me laptop!), click HERE.

(Another thing about this shelf: I will be able to rig up a place for my camera on the underside, directly over the center of the keyboard, for recording!)

I have to add my Linux (I’ll dual boot with the Windows that is on it, as I will need Windows to connect my Tyros5-76 to the internet eventually) to the computer, my own software, my connection to the cloud service I use, etc. Now that the physical part is done, my work will begin…I plan to bung a big DO NOT DISTURB sign on my forehead for the next few days!

4 thoughts on “CHANGES AFOOT: UPDATE 1 – Sept 14, 2023

  1. WOW! She really knows how to conserve/use space. I think you once said they’re living in a ‘tiny-home’, so they would KNOW how to use every square inch of space effectively. Looks GREAT! Congratulations everyone involved!

    1. Thanks! That whole new computer setup changes everything…definitely will be easier to use and more efficient, I’m looking forward to a great winter of music, after my spine is treated and with my new stuff and setup 🙂

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