CATURDAY! Feb. 12, 2022 Edition

A man went to the doctor and told him:

“Hey doc, every night I see this dream where a bunch of cats are playing football”

The doctor replied, “hmm, this is weird”

The man said: “Yeah, what should I do?”

The doctor answered: “OK, you should skip sleeping tomorrow, and then come back to me”

The man said: “Oh! tomorrow? I can’t, tomorrow is the final”

2 thoughts on “CATURDAY! Feb. 12, 2022 Edition

  1. woman took her dog t the Vet. She said she thought her dog had died but wanted to be absolutely sure before burying the dog.
    The dog was laid on the table where the Vet listened for a heart beat with a stethoscope. “No, heartbeat heard, Miss.”
    Is there more than can be done to be absolutely sure. The Vet said there is one more test. The Vet put a cat n the table and the cat walked all around the dog and dog didn’t move.

    “Miss” the Vet declared “your dog is dead beyond a shadow of doubt. Let me write up your bill”.

    When the Vet came back the bill was given to the Miss. Looking at the bill, the Miss exclaimed “why is this so expensive? I see a $10 charge for testing and $2,000 for advanced testing”

    The Vet said “the $10 is for my services to listen to your dog’s heart with my stethoscope. The $2,000 – the advance testing – is for the Cat Scan”

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