Bye Bye Blues

Although, I don’t know how anybody could be “blue” on a day like today! It is sunny, high in the low 60’s, light breeze…fire going in the fire pit (an ADF – or all day fire – in fact!), handsome husband next to me, Maisie at my feet…and I brought my Enya Nova U out as well as my laptop since it’s a perfect day to be outside!

One of the first things I did today is open up Jim’s Ukulele Songbook (link to the PDF file – he also has MANY other songbooks for ukes here) and was delighted to see that he’s updated them this month! I started with Bye Bye Blues because it’s been playing through my head since I woke up, and figured I’d record a bit of it because, well, why not? As always, I was just playing for fun; it’s not a performance, and I’m not a singer (though that should be obvious LOL).

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