Autumn Colors/Out And About

Today we took a little trip for Pete’s appointment at one of the VA Clinics here in Michigan. I took some photos of the colors along the way. Most were taken through the windshield but when we were stopped – or could safely stop – I took them through an open window or from outside the car. At any rate, these are just a small representation of the magnificence of the colors we saw, in awe of the One who created such spectacular beauty!

One thing that really excited us was that we were able to eat at our favorite Chinese buffet. This is the first time we’ve been able to do so since the covid restrictions started here in Michigan. We had to wear masks when we weren’t eating, of course, and had to use the plastic gloves they provided when we were actually loading our plates at the buffet. It was GREAT, we have missed Chinese buffets so much these last 6½ months!

2 thoughts on “Autumn Colors/Out And About

  1. I was thinking with Covid we would never see a buffet ever again. This was great.

    God still has an amazing paint brush and colors. Thank you, God for both of these.

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