Another Social Media Shake-Up!

I’ll make this short and sweet.

I was on Mewe a couple of years ago, soon after it started, and it was ok except that hardly anybody used it. A few days ago I wanted to get involved in a ukulele group again (as I had been on FB) so decided to see if Mewe had one. Well. Mewe has grown up! It’s hoppin’ now!

Meanwhile I’ve had my doubts about USA.Life, as time goes on there are more things that irritate me about it. Not even worth going into here – unless someone asks for specifics I won’t bother – but enough that it had become an annoyance whenever I logged on.

As I’ve been on Mewe only a few days but have loved it – it’s now everything I’d wished it was a couple of years ago – and because I don’t want to once again spread myself too thin to where social media robs me of my time rather than being a fun thing to do…my focus after all is still here on the blog…I knew something else had to go.

So really, the decision was made for me.

In the end, on the days that I’m not getting around very well I use social media a lot more than other times, when I don’t want it to be a burden. For the moment, anyway, between Gab which I still love, and Mewe (with occasional check-ins on Mastodon because I still love the instance I use but it’s not busy), plus a vlog or 2 each week, I feel like I’ve achieved good balance. As my needs change so will my social media use but for now, this is where I’m at. And the blog is #1!

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