4 thoughts on “Annie

  1. Thank you.

    We were not her first owners, but we have known her since she was a puppy. The joy of caring for a pet can be amazing. The loss, deep.

  2. Thank you for this tribute, Sherry.

    Annie was the sweetest, funniest character! I don’t think I will ever forget when the three of us were in Fort Wayne and she was certain that the hotel room door opened on the hinged side. Poor baby, but how funny was that to us! Anyway, we have amazing memories of her!!! It is hard to get used to not having her in the house with us, but, of course, we’ll adjust.

    Thanks again <3

    1. I also have such fond memories of her on that trip (as well as other times), I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when she was so insistent, with her little Annie confidence, that the door should open on the right! I’m sure it will take a long time to adjust – look how long we checked every lump on the bed before sitting down after Speedy died – but as time goes on each adjustment will trigger a fond memory.

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