An Exciting Thing! Starting Tomorrow!!!

Pete and I love southern gospel music! In fact, we love it so much that one of the reasons we got our first motorhome was so that we could travel to see our favorite groups, and follow the local groups when they sang elsewhere to show our support and to get to some of the big southern gospel events they took part in. Yeah, we love it THAT MUCH! We always tried to sit in the front rows, and I always wore a certain hat to concerts, one that stands out, not to draw attention to myself so much but so that the local groups would know that they had our support (though they didn’t know who we were, and that wasn’t the point) wherever they sang.

One of the Michigan groups that we tried to see wherever/whenever is called Souls Harbor. They became a great promoter of SGM in Michigan as well, and have done wonderful things for the genre here, bringing big-name groups to their part of the state, even. Then, a couple of years ago, David Brown started a SG radio station online, My Harbor Radio. We wanted so badly to support them in this endeavor, but things weren’t right and we had to content ourselves with the fact that if God wasn’t using us, He was using someone else. From what I can tell, the station has thrived, so we figured our time to help had passed…

Then I “just happened” to learn that David Brown had openings for sponsorships for the station! I excitedly told Pete about it, and he was totally on board of course, so I emailed David and asked about it… Turns out that the company sponsors get mentions on the days that they sponsor, and since I no longer have a company I rather spontaneously thought of using my website – this blog – even though it wasn’t my intention…then I thought I could also do my little part to promote My Harbor Radio here too!

So the 2nd Tuesday of every month, starting tomorrow, is sponsoring My Harbor Radio! I am so stinkin’ excited, waiting for God’s timing always works out doesn’t it!

We don’t attend concerts like we used to (which was every one of them within 100 miles…in fact for my 60th birthday Pete got one of the great Michigan groups to give a concert at our little church – Roscommon Free Methodist! It was GREAT and our brothers and sisters there loved being able to celebrate my birthday with me by attending!) because of, well, issues…but we have talked about trying to do so sometime. BUT this way we can still be supportive of a great cause, and one we’ve watched and loved for quite a few years.

Isn’t this GREAT???? I am so excited to be able to do this I can hardly stand it! Even if my blog’s name wasn’t getting mentioned – that was an after-thought anyway – we FINALLY get to be involved in a way that they actually need, AND I can also promote it here! WOOHOO!!!

To God be the glory!!!

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  1. I’ll TRY to comment that I am excited for you to promote your favorite Southern Gospel group! Love sent…

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