A Weekend With Lyra

Friday morning we got up early and she got all dressed up for our day out and about. I gave her this hat, it’s always been slightly small for my head, and it looked great with her outfit!

Of course she wanted to go to the Amish cheese maker, and watch them make cheese. The viewing room is upstairs so I couldn’t go with them but she really liked it!

Next we went to a drive-in restaurant that I’ve been wanting to try. She got 2 hot dogs. Pete and I had burgers. (It was one of Pete’s very rare times to have meat.) Everything was great!

We also went shopping to the Amish grocery where Lyra got to choose a box of cereal and some snacks for herself, plus her own loaf of bread. Then we went to a huge discount store, one of those places that has a little of this and a little of that. I waited in the car (high pain & low mobility levels that day) but Pete bought her an adorable outfit that she wanted, plus a butterfly net so she could catch bugs.

Suppertime: I had clams, Pete had a seafood platter, Lyra had spaghetti-no-sauce-just-sprinkle-cheese.

After we got home we had a campfire, and Lyra helped Pete burn up some fallen branches.

Saturday we had a laid-back kinda day. Watched TV together, made jokes and laughed a lot, ate junk food. Lyra found a show she really liked called Camp New on the Encourage network, there were three 90-minute movies and we watched them all! And we had some important discussions about things, like if there will be dogs in heaven and what it’s like to die; she had some very serious things on her mind. She also watched some Kung Foo Panda when I was off doing other things, did some training with Maisie and Chuy, and she spent some time in Junior (our travel trailer) with Pete too. He’s been spending time there to give Lyra and I chances for girl talk and stuff. (He has his ham radio setup in there, TV/Roku, etc…it isn’t exactly a hardship for him ?)

After a good night’s sleep, Lyra put on her new outfit to wear home. She misses her mommy and daddy, and her brother and her baby sister. But we had a very fun time!

We will sure miss Lyra, and are looking forward to the next time she comes for a visit!

2 thoughts on “A Weekend With Lyra

  1. Lyra is growing to quite the young lady…..I know Casey and Bill and you guys are very proud of her….sounds like you both had a bunch of fun….doing all the things I like to do eat, go thrifting and watching movies…..What a blessing you are to her and she to you…..:-)…Debbie

    1. That little girl is very special for sure, I’m crazy about her! We still “owe” her another weekend visit, so I’m happy about that too! xoxo

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