A Quote That Deserves Its Own Post

This really hit home with me…I want to read it every day, I need this!

Many, too, of the Lord’s people are suffering under bodily disease. Their body is racked with pain, or their constitution is shattered with ailments of long standing, or their nerves are weak and trembling, or their general health broken by multiplied afflictions. This often causes inward murmuring, fretfulness, and rebellion, for few trials are heavier than continued ill health. Hence the need of a Comforter to support them under the pain and languor of an afflicted tabernacle; and whilst they are thus reminded that their time is but short and that life itself is held by a slender thread, so to manifest the power of His grace that as “the outward man perisheth, so the inward man may be renewed day by day.” J.C. Philpot, 1858


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