A Nissen Blog Revelation

So today I was reading a blog, and there was a link in the upper right corner to a dashboard. Since it was right next to a tiny picture of me I was intrigued and clicked on it. Imagine my surprise when it took me into an old blog that I created during a health crisis in my life, and continuing through its resolution via a surgical procedure called a Nissen Fundoplication. Because this procedure was fairly uncommon at the time, it was a serious surgery (I was in the hospital for nearly a week, then spent a couple more recovering at my sister’s house and with her help before I could go home to complete the year-long recovery process), and those who were suggested as candidates by their doctors had more questions than doctors had time to answer, I wanted to share everything I could to reassure (or not) others in helping them through the process (or not).

At any rate, I was already logged into this old blog – which I wouldn’t have even known how to find! – so I decided to do an update from my 10 years later self. It will impact the rest of my life, so I felt it appropriate. I still get emails from people with lots of questions, so I know it’s still being read. At any rate, if you’re interested you can find it here.


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