A Lesson From A Child

Our daughter has a 6YO daughter who is a beautiful little diva. She has been raised to be confident and secure in who she is, no matter what. Having been born with a condition called neurocutaneous melanosis Lyra has had to see many various specialists in several fields on a regular basis at the best research hospital for children in the state. When she has appointments, Casey and Lyra make a day of it, just a mommy/daughter day to enjoy the long car ride together, go out for lunch, and make her appointments as enjoyable as possible. (I have asked Casey to write a guest post about CNM with NCM from her perspective and experience. She’s extremely busy but I’m sure when the time is right you’ll be able to read more about these things directly from her.)

The image below is a screenshot of a post that Casey shared online; she gave me permission to share it here.

Before you read it, let me tell you that Casey’s kids are life to her. She is mommy who, in spite of so many things that have happened in her life, is always there 100% for her kids. She is a better mom than I ever was, I am sure, and her children are thriving under her – and her husband Bill’s, of course – support and encouragement and hands-on parenting of all 3 kids.

Anyway, with all of that said, here is what Casey wrote about Lyra’s latest appointment day; there is more than one lesson to be learned from this.

I know that this is fairly tough to read – but it’s worth it, I promise!

4 thoughts on “A Lesson From A Child

  1. Wow, out of the mouths of children comes wisdom…..Lyra acts and talks sooo mature that is a testament to how she was raised. For your child to tell you I love you more well that’s it for me right there and then to follow up with lets agree to disagree….she allowed her Casey who definitely has a lot on her plate and loves her family very much but that would be a tough day for any adult and she felt it would be for her daughter too…..but that is the beauty of it they don’t live in our world and seeing things soooo differently….that yes I agree with Casey we need to slow down and live in the moment no matter where that moment is…..God always has gems for us this time he gave Casey some help in finding them…..what a blessing……:-)….Debbie Happy for Lyra that things are looking good even though they still want her to see another specialist for precaution.

    1. Everything you wrote is so true, and Casey did really need that day with her to have that experience and hear her little girl’s wisdom, God definitely spoke through Lyra! Definitely a blessing!

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