A Different Kind of Wednesday Wow – From My Heart To Yours

Though I often read things as I traipse through social media every day, it isn’t often that one just SCREAMS the truth at me as this post did.

I often mention in my daily updates that did some moderating for an instance on Mastodon. For those unfamiliar with it, Mastodon instances (or groups) each have multiple feeds and one of them, the federated feed (aka fedifeed) consists of the people being followed by our members. If I am following John Smith, then everybody will see what John Smith toots (or posts) when they look at the fedifeed. Well, not everything that comes into our door on that feed is appropriate for the eyes and hearts of Christians to allow in. So I scan that fedifeed and remove profanity, porn, violence, and similar. (It is still visible to anyone else who wants to see it; it won’t be seen by our members otherwise.) Anyway, in my moderation I see it all. ALL. And I often hurt for the people who write or share certain things, because it shows what is in their heart…and how can that co-exist with joy? Or faith? Or any sort of contentment?

(We see people’s hearts everywhere we go in this world, not just on social media! We are surrounded by these souls.)

SO. When I read this article it really struck me; it talked about this thing that I see many times every day. It takes me down sometimes, it really does, but then I have to consider what it must be doing to those whose hearts are filled with those things…I pray for them, and hope that at some point they will find true joy in Jesus to replace the cheap counterfeit that the world offers, that will always let them down – that used to let me down! Jesus never will.

Because I think it’s such an important read for any of us living in the world that are not of it, I am sharing the link again:
http://forthright.net/articles/revealing-ourselves/ … I am so thankful that He that is in us is greater than he that is in the world – and that anyone can experience that for themselves! ?


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