A Day In The Life – Dec. 6, 2023

I didn’t take video…and only a couple of pictures…but thought I’d share about the day anyway!

We needed to go to Mt. Pleasant (MI) for a couple of things. We had a Barbie doll that got put into our order by mistake on our last visit, and didn’t notice until we got home, so we returned that. And we went to the Social Security office to take care of some business…BUT apparently the SS office doesn’t do anything anymore except make appointments for phone interviews or direct people to their website to take care of their business! We wondered why the parking lot was so empty…they just send people away! But at least we did get some information we needed…by a woman who clearly did not want to be there, and detested interruptions by people walking in and actually talking to her. Then Ponderosa for Senior Day (I got a steak and a salad, Pete got the buffet) and we had quite likely the BEST waitress in the place, Aimee, and the food was perfect! I ate a couple of my steak fries (but gave the rest to Pete) and the seasoning was phenomenal, as was the way they seasoned the steak…anyway…

…right across the street is a new pet supply store! Actually a new branch of a family-owned small chain of stores called Magoo’s; we’ve shopped at their Saginaw store quite a bit in the past but to have one closer will be great. Anyway, “Mac” greeted us at the door, pointed out where everything is, told us about specials and deals, and just in general was incredibly friendly and helpful! We ended up chatting with him a bit later and learned a lot more…but I was delighted to discover that, unlike the store in Saginaw, they have EVERYTHING that we buy for our dogs and birds (except for the dogs’ dry food which we buy from a store in Clare)…plus so much more! I had a blast looking around, and came home with some Charlie Bear treats (the dogs LOVE Charlie Bear treats!), a 3 lb bag of a fruit-based treat mix for the PoiBoiz as well as a 5-quart bag of ground walnut shells for their cages, and a foot-long trachea for the dogs that Pete will cut into little rings for special rewards.

In the area is also my favorite meat processor/butcher shop, The Cut, so we stopped in there. They have different items on different days, so I never know what I’m going to find, and usually pick up something I hadn’t tried before. (From the photo below, see if you guess what that item is from this trip?) I just wanted some ground beef, and maybe a steak, but walked out with THIS:

Beef brisket, pork roast, chicken leg quarter, Korean-cut beef short ribs, beef cheek meat, (2) cube steaks, (2) ground beef.

And, for all this meat – ALL OF THIS MEAT! – it only cost $65.87!!! And some of it was organic! WOW!!! And that is yet another reason this is my favorite place to buy meat…besides the FRIENDLY service, the FRESHNESS of their meat, and the FANTASTIC taste! And this time she had a NEW PUPPY with her! A black-and-tan, 4MO basset hound, SO SO cute, so sweet, with ears almost as long has her body, and the perfectly precious name of “Fern”! That made the trip to one of my favorite stores over-the-top excellent!

Then, since we were “in the area” – well, about 25 miles away – we went to Remus to take something to one of Pete’s (N8HIS) “hamster” friends. That was just a quick stop but a nice drive and we’d never been there before so got to see another nice little town. I waited in the car.

AND FINALLY – Almost exactly 100 miles from Remus, we went to Skidway Lake! Pete had a thing with one of his amateur radio clubs, and dinner at the local pizza place. (They have the best pizza ANYWHERE – but I didn’t get pizza.) It was a good time!

We did make it home before midnight, as I had predicted, and we were both BEAT! Skidway Lake may only be about 65 miles away but it is 65 miles of 2-lane blacktop through mostly very dark wooded areas, going through a couple of towns, and lots of twists and turns – very slow going. I had my usual pain-from-head-to-toe-blah-blah-blah and was more than ready for bed. My beloved Petey took care of the PoiBoiz for me so I could go to bed right away (then I slept until 10:00 in the morning!)…but it was a very fun and satisfying day for us – more than for the lady at the SS office, I daresay – and we had fantastic service (almost) everywhere we went too!

It was a long day. Lots of driving (over 200 miles). But we both agreed that it had been one of the most satisfying and fun days we’ve had in a very long time!

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