A Day In The Life – Dec. 11, 2023

Great fun day with my Petey!

We started out at the bank, as always. We like to pay cash for things, so we take out what we think we’ll need. There is a bonus to this: Any dollar bills that we get back in change Pete gives to me for my “mad money”. Last month I ended up with $128; this month, so far, is another $61. So yeah, BIG bonus for me! Sometimes I save it up for something, sometimes I blow it all on the grands, sometimes I just give it all away as the Holy Spirit prompts. Doesn’t matter…it’s something fun we do :). Anyway, we got our cash, dropped a couple of prescriptions to be refilled at the pharmacy in Farwell, then stopped at a new store.

There’s a small discount store in Clare called TKOE (no idea what it stands for!) that we stop into once in a while, and usually buy stuff there too. Never know what we’re going to find in there. We’ll be doing some Christmas shopping there in fact…anyway, they now also occupy the building next door and have opened a discount food place. Now, we have Amish stores ALL around us, there are dozens in our county, so we’re used to discount groceries (and depend on them). This place has some FABULOUS deals that I haven’t seen at any of our Amish grocery stores though, so it was fantastic. We ended up spending about $100 BUT Pete was getting his organic plant-based soups (typically $2.89 at the grocery store) for $1.25 and he loaded up on them – as an example. I don’t recall everything we got (will see if I can do a haul video tomorrow – there’s a TON, so not sure if I can) but I know $30 of that was cans of grass-fed organic bone broth powder! I was planning to buy broth on my next Aldi trip anyway, but for $15/can…I absolutely could NOT resist that price! I drink a lot of tea this winter but it’s getting tiresome and I also enjoy broth. Anyway, that was a GREAT PLACE and I’ve arranged to go in there next week to do a video all about it to share here!

Then we went to Mt. Pleasant where there is an Aldi, and did a little shopping there for just a few things that we needed and know we can buy there; across the street from there is a Biggby’s coffee shop so we got coffees and sat in there until it was time to go to eat. The restaurant we’d chosen didn’t open for another hour and it’s easy to play with our phones for that long hahaha!

Texas Roadhouse is just around the corner, basically, and we love that place! Love the food and the service is always superb. I will talk more about my meal in another post but our server Ian was probably the best we’ve ever had, and we made sure he knew it when we added the tip to the bill! I got a steak & shrimp meal and Pete got catfish, and it was all perfect!

A Magoo’s pet supply store opened in Mt. Pleasant recently, we were there once before so when we needed a few things that was where we went. Chuy was just about out of his little soft treats, and also his supplement for itching, and wet food. The dogs get a scoop of wet food and a scoop of pumpkin every day, and recently we bought a popular brand at an Amish store, and within 2 weeks Chuy was chewing himself raw! He developed bald spots and scabs and was miserable. So we got a different brand and now the scabs are gone, the chewing has stopped, and I’m sure his hair will be coming in too…so we got more of that. Mac was there too, from the other day, and remembered us, so that was cool!

After leaving there we went to a grocery store back in Clare to fill our water bottles * on the way back to Farwell to pick up our prescriptions, then came home. The BIG BOXES of food we got this morning are still in the car, we’re too exhausted to carry it in tonight, but it was SUCH a great day :).

*We have been using the well water here in our ProOne water filter for several years, and have excellent results with it! Now, however, something is in our water that is spoiling our filters more quickly, so we’re back to buying our drinking/cooking water; we go through about 2 gallons/day, and just use the well water for showers and washing stuff.


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