A Day In Saginaw

Pete had an appointment at the Veterans Administration in Saginaw today so we took the opportunity to stop for lunch beforehand. We also stopped at a thrift store while we were in the city but I didn’t take any pictures of that. We had a wonderful day together, as always!

2 thoughts on “A Day In Saginaw

  1. I t is amazing how the deer, turkeys, squirrels, rabbits, and the chipmunks, pine squirrels and all the various birds can all get along.
    Humans can make choices – apparently in this day and age – those choices have to hatred and evil toward one another for many.
    We are supposed to be better than the animals, yet I have more respect for animals than I do those who seek evil – intentionally seeking evil.

    1. Good thought. Yesterday there was a single doe out there, head down as she grazed. And within inches of her nose was a little black squirrel picking leftover bird seed out of the grass. They seemed content together. And neither one cared what color the other was…

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